VICE Publishes Article Portraying Child Molesters as Victims of Intolerance

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

Manisha Krishnan: The new, more diverse ‘It’s Pat’ skit features a character that takes a dump in the street because it’s the only gender-neutral bathroom it can find in homophobic America.

The LGBT-P movement in conjunction with Big Jew has already committed to a couple of mainstream media attempts at normalizing, publicizing and ultimately promoting sexual acts with small children – a template they’ve used with overwhelming success for the other four letters of the politically charged acronym. The most recent and memorable was Salon’s “Todd Nickerson,” a stoic and celibate warrior-monk who just wants a little bit of time on the social amplifiers to talk about his sexual attraction to toddlers, away from right-wing bigots (maybe at your kid’s next Little League game?).

North American Man-Boy Love Association Marching At NYC Gay Pride Parade In the 1980s

The latest salvo against Western civilization comes from a homosexual advocate named Manisha Krishnan (@ManishaKrishnan) at VICE, who managed to dig up an obviously mentally disturbed woman that was sexually molested by the father of a friend in the fourth grade, and is now advocating on her abuser’s behalf.


Rhea Martinez, who was raped and repeatedly molested by a male family friend as a child, feels differently. Martinez, 28, told VICE she believes society should be more empathetic towards pedophiles before they offend—and that they should have more options for getting help.

“I feel like if he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me,” Martinez said.

Martinez grew up in Niles, Michigan, a child of divorce. When she was around eight years old, her dad remarried and was granted full custody of her and her brother. Martinez said her stepmother owned a creditor’s business with her ex-husband—they were still friends. Her stepmom’s ex had a daughter, whom Martinez befriended.

“We went over there for a playdate, and that’s how it all got started,” Martinez told VICE.

The first time she slept over, her friend’s dad had her sleep on the living room couch, instead of in his daughter’s bedroom. While she was asleep, she said he came out to the couch and started molesting her, removing her underwear.

“There was a few other times that stuff like that happened, it got more intense the more he did it,” Martinez told VICE.

On a camping trip, the summer between fourth and fifth grade, Martinez said he raped her repeatedly while she was inside their tent.

“It hurt so bad I couldn’t pretend to be asleep any longer,” she said. When she acted as if she was waking up, he stopped.

On the witness stand, Martinez said she was grilled by a “ruthless” defence lawyer, who asked her everything from the colour of pyjamas she’d been wearing to the positioning of furniture in her abuser’s home. She was asked how she could identify her perpetrator if she’d been pretending to be asleep.

“I would peek once in a while,” she told VICE. “Plus, it was an adult man’s hands.”

Eventually, he pleaded guilty to sexual assault with intent to commit sexual penetration on a minor.

“Our prosecutor said I should take what I could get.”

Martinez, who now works as an ophthalmic technician near Detroit, believes her offender was a serial pedophile.

She said if pedophiles were less stigmatized, they might be able to get counselling before acting on their urges.

“How are we going to understand these sorts of people if we don’t talk to them?… If they’re too scared to speak up and say anything, how is it going to be prevented?”

As for vigilante predator hunters, like Creep Catchers, Martinez told VICE she thinks publicly shaming people like her abuser will only push them further underground—a theory that’s been echoed by police and experts in pedophilia.

“Vigilante justice has never been the logical answer,” she said. “You can take all of them and shoot them in the head, and that’s not going to change my life.”

Creep Catchers, which has been the subject of a multi-part “investigation” by Krishnan, is an organization that goes online to pose as young children, and then intimidates would-be predators when a real life meeting occurs. This is an important way of dissuading seedy people from taking advantage of a child’s innocence, but this filthy queer acts like the civic-minded people trying to protect kids are the bad guys.

Homosexuals tend to empathize more with pedophiles because they see themselves as part of a community of sexual deviants – that is, the one’s who aren’t pedophiles themselves. Children raised by homosexual parents – including lesbians – are significantly more likely to be molested by a trusted guardian than children raised in normal households.

What caught my eye the most – aside from the main course of inflammatory content – was the respect for privacy the “journalist” treated the tried and convicted attacker of Martinez.

VICE has viewed the profile of the man Martinez said raped her on the Michigan sex offender registry. He is 61 years old, and has been convicted of two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13, as well as one count of criminal sexual conduct with intent to commit sexual penetration. The latter conviction, which took place in 2009, relates to Martinez, she said. VICE is not naming Martinez’s abuser because Martinez said she doesn’t currently have unredacted court records showing she was the complainant in that trial.

Compare this silk glove treatment with how the Judeo-Left doxed Millenial Woesfor the crime of criticizing mass immigration to Europe. Krishnan is part of this ideological current and applauds the tactic of publishing the personal information of people with different political views in the media, and then sending Marxist paramilitary groups like “Hope, Not Hate” to hurt their families.

These Woody Allen glasses wearing kikes, faggots and middle-manager-minorities won’t admit it, but they truly do believe a middle aged man forcing himself on a 4th grader is a lesser crime than making YouTube videos making arguments for why Europe is for whites. The question is, when will queers be able to talk about their support for pedophilia publicly?

Either we roll back the LGBTP sexual revolution and drive it into the sea, or they will continue using their platforms to continue pathologizing us normal people while claiming more and more victims in their quest for maximum morbidity.