VICE News Video Supporting Transgenders in Women’s Powerlifting Competitions Disliked by 96% of Audience

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

VICE News says you are a transphobic bigot if you don’t think this thing should be allowed to compete in women’s powerlifting competitions.

The Jewish clown world that we live in keeps getting stranger and stranger. Even when the general public universally rejects a specific facet of the clown world agenda, the Jewish media keeps cramming said agenda down everyone’s throats. They act as if the clown world is normal while portraying anybody who questions it as insane.

For many people, all of this transgender nonsense has been a step too far. In the past, people who believed that they were a different gender were committed to mental institutions. Unfortunately today, we are told that we have to transform all of society to accommodate a small percentage of people who struggle with their gender identity. Even worse, these people are presented as brave and courageous, which encourages people who seek attention to also claim they’re trannies.

Recently, VICE News did a piece about USA Powerlifting banning biological men who identify as women from competing in the women’s division.

The video centers around a Minnesotan powerlifter named JayCee Cooper, a biological male who now identifies as a female. Prior to the tranny ban, this thing or “it” previously competed as a woman in USA Powerlifting sanctioned meets. The report presents Cooper as a victim of discrimination due to the allegedly transphobic policy that was put into place by USA Powerlifting. They even found some so-called “expert” to claim that biological males who transition into females don’t necessarily have a competitive advantage over biological females.

VICE News is essentially advocating the total destruction of women’s sports in order to accommodate a tiny percentage of people who represent less than one percent of the population. The concept is patently absurd.

If I suddenly identified as a woman and was allowed to compete in the women’s division of my weight class, I would immediately be one of the top powerlifters in the United States. You could say the same thing about virtually all men who take lifting semi-seriously. So such a rule allowing men who identify as women to compete in these competitions is obviously unfair to actual women. It’s not debatable.

The general public has expressed their displeasure with the VICE News spin. At the time of writing, their video has been disliked by roughly 96 percent of the audience, with 1,100 likes compared to 30,000 dislikes.

This shows conclusively that the general public does not want men who claim they’re women competing in women’s sports. Yet despite that, the Jewish media continues to push ahead with this agenda acting as if this concept is a totally normal thing. They don’t give a damn that there is almost nobody supporting it.

But what we are seeing with this story represents a major crack in the foundation of the Jewish clown world. In their quest to constantly liberate increasingly weirder groups of people, it is now having an adverse impact on previously liberated groups. All of this is leading to the general public becoming more and more jaded with these Jewish social engineering programs, and that is ultimately a very good thing.