VICE News Meddling in Indian Court Proceedings, Trying to Force Rape Hoaxes

It’s hilarious that VICE has an Indian version of itself.

Why do all of these countries allow foreign Jews to come into their country and promote these weird agendas? Of course, I know the answer: it’s a State Department imperative to push “free speech.” Of course, they celebrate Germany as a “free speech haven,” even though old grannies are getting thrown in prison to die because they don’t believe in Jew soap.

VICE India:

On July 10, a young woman entered a courtroom in India’s eastern state of Bihar. Just four days earlier, she claimed that four men had lured her to an isolated spot, saying they’d teach her how to ride a motorcycle. Instead, they’d raped her.

Later, the 22-year old woman says she’d approached two female activists with a trade union group called Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan (JJSS) who’d taken her into a private home and helped her file a police complaint.

Over the following days, she was made to repeat her ordeal again and again. The police officials also leaked her identity to her neighbours, which was how her family learned what had happened. One of the accused’s family tried to get her to drop the charges with a marriage proposal. By the time the woman reached the courtroom on July 10, she was angry, tired, and fragile.

When two activists with JJSS, who’d been supporting the victim, were asked to leave the courtroom, she raised her voice and angrily demanded they be allowed to stay.

“At this point, her dam of emotions broke,” said Ashish Ranjan, secretary of JJSS. “She was already traumatised. There was no counsellor. Having to wait with her rapist in the same room, and repeating her ordeal for four-five hours in that heat, took a toll.”

In a statement, JJSS said that Magistrate First Class Mustafa Shahi of the district court, who was visibly upset by the woman’s tone, suggested that she “should be sent to jail for her behaviour”.

As Ranjan explained, “He had decided that the survivor and her two activist companions had disrespected him.”

And that’s exactly what happened. The court clerk filed a police complaint against the survivor and the two activists for obstructing legal proceedings and using “criminal force” to stop the court’s public servants from performing their duties.

Subsequently, the survivor and her two supporters were arrested and sent into 14-day judicial custody.

VICE News reached out to district Collector Prashanth Kumar, and district and sessions Judge Piyush Kamal Dixit. They each refused to comment on the case, and said the matter has been reported to the chief judicial magistrate.

JJSS has applied for their bail but its activists are unaware of the survivor’s mental health. Thanks to COVID-19 protocol, the three women are being housed at a jail in Dalsinghsarai, 240 kilometres away. “The girl desperately needs counselling for what she’s been through. After all that, she is now in jail,” said Ranjan.

This has prompted 376 prominent lawyers to write a letter to the chief justice and other judges of the Patna High Court, which governs Bihar. “[The arrest] has also resulted in the case pertaining to gang-rape having been put on the back-burner,” said the letter.

The Bihar case is the latest in a string of shocking examples of Indian authorities mishandling sexual assault cases. In June, the High Court of the southern state of Karnataka gave bail to a man accused of rape after deciding it was “unbecoming” of the rape survivor to have slept after being “ravished.”

The article goes on to list various demands that VICE is making with regards to the immediate need to transform Indian society by empowering women.

That is actually the story here: the way that Western Jewish media is used to manipulate foreign countries. They function as a type of police force. Again, understand that the State Department aggressively pushes this “freedom of press” thing, giving the media special permissions to go into court rooms and make demands of the court. They then print the judge’s name, the names of everyone involved, in a menacing way, accusing them of all sorts of things, and publicly humiliating them.

Mike Pompeo is obsessed with pushing this “global press freedom” bullshit, as if he is personally just really, really concerned on an ethical level about journalism in foreign countries.

This is the same fat bastard who wants Julian Assange to die in prison. He called WikiLeaks – which is by anyone’s definition a journalistic organization – a “hostile intelligence organization.”

The same fat bastard who is currently talking about banning TikTok because China is bad.

He’s a representative of a country that censors not only any and all political dissidence, but also social commentary. Egypt, Kazakhstan and China do not censor social commentary.

I do not believe that anyone believes that Mike Pompeo is ethically prone to love free speech everywhere but in his own country. This is obviously a weapon of war, a way to undermine foreign countries.

Most countries do not want women in charge of their society in the way they are in charge of the West. If you start saying that a woman is an innocent little lamb, she just doesn’t even know what a penis is, you are basically already dominated by women.

Women get all of their power from sex and from promoting the idea that they are victims. If you let them have this shroud of innocence, they use it. From the point of believing some bitch thought there were motorcycle lessons in the back alley, you’re at the point where you believe all of women’s fake problems are the fault of men and that in order to help women, you have to hurt men.

From there, you can just unravel the entire society like a sweater.

That is why “women’s rights” are always at the top of the Jewish to-do list.

India is an ally of the Jewish system now, but as long as it is a society ruled by normal family dynamics, it could end up causing problems.

Pushing feminism on allied nations is like breaking a slave’s legs so he can’t run away.