VICE Fake News Journalist Elle Reeve and Her Jew Producer Break Into 8chan Owner’s House in Philippines! On the Run Now!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2019

Holy shit, Elle Reeve is nuts!

The VICE News journalist and fetal alcohol syndrome sufferer brought her Jew producer Lani Levine to the Philippines – and broke into 8chan owner Jim Watkins’ Manila home!

And you’re thinking “oh well, based on those pictures, maybe they were just outside at the door?”

Well, they both locked their Twitter accounts!

These are media people. Big tweeters.

What reason would they have for locking their accounts, if these tweets are not correct?

Apparently, they’re now on the run.

I hope Jim has a guy in the police. Because they’re a lot more likely to press charges if you know a guy, and white women – and (((white women))) – get out of shit in Asia easily because they start crying and Asian men don’t know what to do (because Asian women don’t freak out and start crying, they have no experience with the situation).

Elle Reeve and the rest of these anti-right-wing journalists are a menace to society, and are apparently taking this menacing behavior to other societies now.

Surely, there must be some sort of backlash?

Surely, people cannot tolerate journalists operating as a kind of international spy group?