VICE Apologizes for Being a Metoo Factory as Shitlib Media is Hanged with Own Noose

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2017

Following the pattern of Metooism, VICE is one of the biggest and most extreme shitlib outlets on the planet and is also one of the hardest hit by Metooism.

But the heads of the company assure you: they feel really, really bad about that.

And they’re bringing in a top feminist Jew to fix the troubles.


Vice Media has had to settle at least four cases of sexual harassment or defamation against its employees – including its current company president, according to a published report.

In response to a Saturday story in the New York Times, two co-founders of Vice apologized for a “boys club” culture that they said fostered inappropriate behavior.

The newspaper said it talked with more than two-dozen women at Vice who said they experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at the company. The alleged episodes included groping and forced kisses, the newspaper reported.

Co-founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi sent their note to staff Saturday, saying the company let people down.

“From the top down, we have failed as a company to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especially women, can feel respected and thrive,” they said.

Vice also announced that it has formed a diversity board whose members will include feminist Gloria Steinem, and that it has clarified its sexual harassment policies and expanded its maternity and paternity leave policies, Reuters reported.

In November, Vice was the subject of a Daily Beast report that described the company’s culture as a “toxic” environment, Fox News reported.

The thing here is: testosterone is the source of creativity. That is why women are not creative, why beta-tier men are much less creative.

But in order to run a media company – or any company – you need some form of testosterone involved. And when you have testosterone, plus female subordinates, you are going to have sexual vibes. That is, unless you have an extremely conservative social environment, with morally upright married men – but, newsflash Jews, that kind of quality male is not interested in being involved with ultra-shitlibism.

So you have all of these contradictions which necessitate the reality that an extremely liberal company has to be filled with people who will violate the ideology of the company with regards to women. It is unavoidable. The only solution then is to replace all of the men with women, which will drain the company of creativity and make it financially nonviable.

The smarter of those involved with all of this know that, which is why they are beginning to push back against Metooism.

The New York Times has declared that it has “gone too far.”

They have also outright refused to fire the top White House correspondent kike Glenn Thrush, after a somewhat outrageous number of women accused him of getting them drunk and trying to have sex with them (usually unsuccessfully lel).

Basically, the NYT was drawing a red line at Thrush, saying that if they fired him there is no end to the number of men they would end up having to fire. It was a way of telling the Metoo movement to just give up because they’re no longer going to get what they want.

But their refusal to GAS THE KIKE Thrush has led to a backlash, including from fellow kikelib travelers at The Washington Post and The Guardian – in fact the two biggest fellow travelers.

So there is no steady line here.

We know that the media does collude to formulate basically every narrative. But they cannot collude to form a narrative that goes against one of their most fundamental premises in the form of feminist rights. So NYT can attempt to send a signal by refusing to fire Thrush, but all that has done is triggered a backlash from other top libshit media and presumably also from their own staff.

NYT has published a “listening session” piece explaining their decision and asking for feedback from the readers. But the feedback is already loud and clear from all corners.

In fact, in their own listening section selected comments, 3/4 disagreed with not firing Thrush.

This suggests that the comment that agreed with their decision may have been the only one of many thousands of pieces of feedback.

The Thrush decision was just announced Wednesday, and I think if they don’t fold, they might witness a walkout. And if they do fold, then it’s on to the next top Jewish journalist.

It has been my premise from the start of this website that the modern liberalist “coalition of the willing” is entirely unsustainable, and will eventually collapse beneath its own weight.

This assertion is continually proved right – though it was not a hard prediction to make.

These are the groups that are in this coalition against white men (listed in order of power and influence on the global scale):

  • Jews – Sex perverts, Israel-supporters, believers that they are the master race destined to subjugate and rule over the planet
  • Women – Incompetent, self-absorbed, entitled, hate all white men including Jews who they view as white, love all brown men
  • Homosexuals – Distrust women, hate Moslems, make a lot of money and have no allegiance to anyone
  • Moslems – Hate homosexuals, hate feminism, hate Christianity, hate Jews, believe they are destined to subjugate and rule over the planet
  • Latino Immigrants – Christians, hate homosexuals, don’t respect women
  • Black People – Hate Jews, hate all immigrants, abuse women as a matter of course
  • Cucked White Men – Molesters/gropers, sycophantic, pathologically deranged, hated the most by every other group in the coalition while also being the only semi-competent group with a desire for all groups to get along (that is, they are the only “true believers,” while also using cuckoldry and general self-effacement as a sexual strategy)
  • Trannies – Hate and are hated by real women, get attacked by brown people, hated by and hate regular homosexuals

You can’t bring all of those people together and expect them to work as a cohesive unit.

I had not predicted that the first major war would be between women and Jews – although it makes sense, as they are the two most powerful groups.

I thought it was going to be between Moslems and homosexuals or black people and everyone else. We have seen both of those things on some level, a large bit of “black people against everyone else,” but it hasn’t reached the scale of Metoo.

Of course, all of the potential conflicts will reach this scale eventually.

And masculine white men will remain as both confident and cohesive actors. As long as they don’t wipe us out completely, we are just playing a waiting game as we build our numbers and solidify our cohesiveness while we put pressure on the pressure points of the Jewish coalition.

We can win and we will win as long as we stay the course.