Vibrant Cultures: Black Ferguson “Protester” Raps About Raping White Women “Like Hitler Did”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2014

Here you have some footage of the diversity taking place in St. Louis, where the Blacks are still demanding justice be committed against the evil White cop who cold-bloodedly murdered an innocent cigar thief in self-defense.

The video was shot on the campus of Saint Louis University a few days ago. The Ferguson protesters have moved into the city and set up an #Occupy camp on the campus. The university says they are happy about this new diversity, which they believe to be “enriching to the max.”

The rapper seen in the video says he was recently released from the penitentiary in Bonne Terre, Missouri.

The confused ape raps about raping White girls “like Hitler did.” Apparently, he is not an expert in WWII history, as I don’t even think the Jews themselves have claimed Hitler was a rapist (though they probably will now, and cite this rapper as a source – I can see it now: “a Ferguson protester has revealed shocking new facts about the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler – he raped White bitches”).

He then talks of ejaculation and raping and whipping White girls – check it at 4:40:

Locked in jail I can’t win in this b*tch.
So when I get out I’m gonna f*ck me a white b*tch.
Slap her and whip her and choke her with my d*ck”

The students, gathered to witness the cultural vibrancy, did not seem bothered by the lyrics. Of course, if they had been bothered, it would have been racist, as raping White women is a fundamental aspect of the traditional African American culture, and these goyim have no right to judge them for it.

African Americans built European civilization.