Vibrant Congo Colorfuls Stone Man to Death and Eat His Corpse

Daily Slave
November 1, 2014

The Blacks in Congo are very civilized folks other than the fact that they kill and eat people.

When we talk about Blacks behaving like savages we are not kidding.  We are also not kidding when mentioning the many cases of African Blacks killing and eating people in the contemporary era.

Here we have a news story of a group of Congo Black savages stoning a man to death, burning his body and then eating his corpse.


A crowd stoned to death a young man in northeast Congo on Friday before burning and eating his corpse, witnesses said, in apparent revenge for a series of attacks by Ugandan rebels.

The incident in the town of Beni followed a number of overnight raids in the area blamed on the Islamist group ADF-NAUL, who are thought to have massacred more than 100 people this month, using hatchets and machetes to kill their victims.

Witnesses said the man, who has not been identified, aroused suspicion on a bus when passengers discovered he could not speak the local Swahili language and that he was carrying a machete.

I honestly don’t care if Blacks want to kill and eat each other in Africa, but stories like this should indicate clearly that these people do not belong in White European nations.

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