Via Embassies, US Government Issues Instructions on How to Overthrow the Russian Government

Some people will ask: “Anglin, why do you keep talking about reddit?”

But the reason, as I explain every time, is this: the big subreddits, and reddit in general, are the number one place where you can read an unfiltered agenda by the ruling elite. They promote the posts they want to promote, giving the appearance that it is the people that is promoting them through the upvote/downvote system.

It is actually all moderated by a group of moderators, who decide what gets through, and have very easy methods of using mass bots to promote the agendas they want promoted.

But they’ve also got so good at consensus building through various psychological operation techniques, they don’t even need to fake it – the people will support what they think other people support.

If 85% of articles on the front of CNN or New York Times were about Russian “protests,” people would possibly be confused. But on reddit, it is perfectly acceptable, and people think that is is simply the people voicing their opinion, through their upvote system.

These are all top posts on r/WorldNews, at time of writing (Saturday, January 23, 2021, 3:03 PM EST):

Russia has made it clear that these protests are illegal, in the same way that the US has made it clear that protests against the government are illegal.

These people are violating laws that are much more clear than the arbitrary rules introduced by the bureaucratic “deep state” of the US following the Capitol Storm.

So, yes: Navalny, from jail, demanded protests, and an army of women, homosexuals, neo-Nazis and other undesirables met the call.

The most interesting story, to me, is this one.

Washington Examiner:

The Russian government is apparently fuming after the United States issued an alert about anti-corruption protests and included the locations and times.

The U.S. Embassy noted the demonstrations, which are being planned for Saturday in cities throughout Russia in support of jailed activist Alexei Navalny, on Friday. Navalny is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s biggest critics and is believed to have been poisoned by Russian intelligence operatives in 2020. Navalny was arrested upon his return to Russia, prompting anger among the opposition.

“These demonstrations are likely to be unauthorized. Given the likely substantial police presence and possible dispersal of demonstrators into other areas of the cities, U.S. citizens should avoid these demonstrations and any demonstration-related activities,” the embassy said in the alert.

After warning citizens to steer clear, the U.S. listed the locations within a dozen cities where protests are expected as well as when they are set to kick off. For example, a demonstration is planned for 2 p.m. local time near Pushkin Square in Moscow and will march toward the Kremlin.

I hate to do the old meme, but we have to do it, because it is a constant meme for a reason: because it is fundamentally designed to create insights.

Right now, I want you to click the stop watch on your phone, and spend at least 90 seconds sitting and silently contemplating what would happen if Russia or China had issued, from their embassy, a series of locations and instructions for taking part in anti-Biden protests, after they had been ordered across the country by Donald Trump.

Just do it.

I’ll wait.

I think you probably all came to the conclusion that the response that politicians would be calling for would be a whole helluva lot bigger than sanctions.

They would be calling for targeted assassinations, bombings, and shipping in pallets full of weapons. Some of them, inevitably, would call for Moscow (or Beijing) to be nuked.

This is totally insane.

The American State Department, which is still staffed by all of the Mike Pompeo people, because the Bureaucracy never changes, is publicly calling for an overthrow of the Russian government.

These protests are legitimately massive.

I won’t spam photos of them, but needless to say, many of them are not good optics. Primarily, you see masked cops grabbing women.

Cops grabbing uppity sluts does go over well with Russians, and the fact is that most of the crowds are made up of 70-80% women.

This is very, very bad.

There is no clear path to containing these riots.

It will never be possible for me to understand why Russia allowed him back into the country. They very easily could have revoked his citizenship, and turned him around at the airport, saying that he did not have valid entry documents. None of this would be happening if he’d done that.

This is worse than it was during the first stages of the Maidan – by a lot.

Putin knows not to allow the Mossad to start shooting rioters, like the Ukraine allowed them to do.

But what exactly are their options?

How does this not end with the Kremlin getting stormed, Maidan style, and the Biden people, and every regime that serves that system, start saying that these rioting terrorists are the new government, and that the US is now working with their Jew leaders to normalize relations?

I’m not God, and I’m not a genius, but I don’t currently see a way out of this. And the only logical thing I can see is using US style brutality, throwing these people in prison, accusing them of terrorism, shutting down all social media and ways for them to communicate.

That of course just makes the situation more volatile, and they don’t have the amount of fanatical support on their own side to make it work. Normal people like Putin and so on, but he was never like Trump, where they were out there chanting “we love you.”

Who knows.

Maybe the Western media is exaggerating it all, and it’s just a few isolated incidents.

That’s certainly not what it looks like, but I don’t know. It’s possible this is all just some Western media illusion.

I’m doubting that though.

I said: don’t let him in.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to just say “you committed treason by allying with foreign governments to foment conspiracy theories, you also committed an extreme heresy by comparing yourself to Jesus, you are no longer a citizen of Russia and you have to leave.”

It’s over now, and I’m not trying to do “I told you so,” I’m more just saying: Russia needs to start thinking differently about the way this stuff works. They need new, young people in to push serious game theory in terms of how to lock these people out of what they are doing.

This is a bold, shock and awe movement by the CIA and State Department in light of the disappearance of Trump and the general energy around the world that white males are on their way out.

The fact that the US made these statements was a signal that they are going to offer aid to the uprising, which is obviously going to seriously embolden them. And of course, they will start shipping in weapons, if it comes to that.

Before shutting off the internet completely, I would use whatever intelligence you have to shut off the main accounts. Maybe block foreign social media. There are definitely other options, but with the whole Navalny call going ignored, I don’t know that Russia is really considering much of what I’m saying here.

Stay strong, Russia.


That’s about all I can say right now.