Veteran Chad Chan Poster Mows Down Three Virgin Police Officers

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

For some reason, this story didn’t get much traction in the media. You would have thought that the media would be eager to plaster this tale all over the news and tie it to the never-ending narrative about “evil and dangerous White people.”

But maybe it’s more nuanced than that.

They love to reference drug-addled, mentally-ill killers and call them “White Nationalists” when they clearly aren’t because these dysgenic-looking people are ugly and frighten people who look at them.

But you can’t say the same about this veteran shitposter:

He’s plainly chad-core.

Daily Kos:

Three police officers were shot, one of them fatally, when they responded to a domestic disturbance call in Auburn on Sunday night. The man arrested shortly afterward, it soon emerged—Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, a veteran from Auburn—was fond of posting memes from the alt-right online gathering spot 4chan, most of them mock humor about guns, white nationalist trolling signals, and encouragement for Proud Boys-style violence against left-wing protesters, who he described as “leftist scum.”

I’m sure that a lot of shooters also had Facebook and posted on it. You don’t see them referred to as the “Facebook Shooter” or the “Instagram Killer.”

4chan isn’t quite as ubiquitous, but it’s in the same general range. As a top 1,000 site, they have millions of daily visitors.

It’s simply one of the few places left online where you can have any semblance of free speech. It just so happens that when you allow for free speech, people start calling out leftists for the scum that they are in-between discussions of anime and crypto prices and campfire-style sharing of their autism adventures.

They’re going to try and shut down the Chans eventually. I don’t know what IRL prank or mishap will serve as the signal that the time has come to shut it all down, but it will come sooner or later and Boomers will probably cheer it on, because they don’t understand the internet.

But yeah, more on the chad shooter:

Auburn Police said that the three officers—William Buechner, Webb Sistrunk, and Evan Elliott, all veterans of the department—shot by Wilkes had arrived at the scene of a domestic disturbance when he emerged suddenly, wearing body armor, and opened fire.

Buechner was killed at the scene; Sistrunk and Elliott both survived, but remain hospitalized for their wounds.

The Veteran was simply too alpha for our modern cucked society.

He was trying to use “Applied Game” on his hoe to get her into line, and the state sent three soy boys with badges to interfere with him teaching the bitch a lesson.

In the end, no one can out-alpha Uncle Sam (yet) – although God knows, Grady Wayne Wilkes tried.

Wilkes was arrested nine hours later, less than three miles away. In addition to the charges for shooting three police officers, he also faces attempted strangulation and domestic violence charges for his assault on the woman police found at the home. 

Women are the leading cause of decent White men going to jail. A crazy bitch can call the police on you and boo-hoo into their arms until they arrest you and then you’re totally fucked.

I have nothing but sympathy for Grady Wayne Wilkes. Anyone can see that he’s a normal and patriotic dude who got a raw deal here.

In general, cops should not be answering these domestic violence calls seeing as 90% of them are bullshit and the result of a woman on the rag who regrets her decision and runs down to the prison to her boo within hours anyway.

Cops who do these calls know that they are bullshit, but they go in to arrest the innocent men anyway. So clearly, the fault lies with the cops for enforcing these anti-Patriarch laws, not with the upright gentleman who had no criminal record and is a soldier to boot.

As far as the optics of killing police officers… well, I can’t say that most people would be down to support that – so I’m going to have to come out and disavow Mr. Wilkes, despite the fact that he clearly did nothing wrong and any sane person can see that. I think a lot of sane people secretly (and not so secretly) loathe the police because they are drawn from the dregs of society, but most normiecons still love the Blue Mafia, even though they’re only good for animal control in the cities and shouldn’t have any other function in a civilized society.

Really, it will be only when the cops start coming to take away people’s children to mandatory state-subsidized HRT treatment facilities that you might see some normiecons start rethinking the merits of giving the boys in blue so much power over the average citizen.

All I’m saying is that it would be nice to have a national conversation about how abusive towards white people the police in the West have become.