Vet with Gun Outside Kamala’s House is Top Story, Media Buries Story of Texas Church Bomber

The media is going nuts because a man was allegedly caught outside of Kamala Harris’ house with a rifle.


D.C. police and the Secret Service on Wednesday detained a man from Texas on charges he was carrying a rifle and ammunition outside the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Police said in a statement that they arrested Paul Murray, 31, of San Antonio, Texas, at about 12:15 p.m. after he had been detained by the Secret Service on the 3400 block of Massachusetts Avenue Northwest, the site of the Naval Observatory where the vice president’s residence is located.

Police say they arrested Murray in response to an intelligence bulletin that originated from Texas.

It said that Murray received a medical discharge from the Army almost a year ago and was prescribed medication, but stopped taking it due what he called “intense” side effects.

He also said he wasn’t getting the support he needed from Veterans Affairs and mentioned he owned an AR-15 rifle.

Murray told police earlier this month he believes he was attacked by a group overseas and that he didn’t want to hurt himself, but might hurt someone else “if it was justified.”

When arrested, Murray had an AR-15, 113 rounds of ammunition and five magazines.

I don’t really know if I believe this is real. It could well be a manufactured event designed to justify the military presence at the Capitol.

But yes – there are some mentally ill war veterans who might show up at a politician’s house with a gun.

We at Daily Stormer have always disavowed violence. But what the government has done is create a climate ripe for violence by making free speech impossible. The entire point of freedom of speech as a concept is to allow the people to voice their opinions and be heard so that they DON’T resort to violence, and this has always worked in the past.

Making it impossible for people to speak openly makes them go nuts, especially if they’re already nuts from being sent to kill brown people in a desert in the name of Israel.

So it’s possible this is real.

But if it is real, it is almost certainly the result of FBI agents in some chat room egging this guy on and telling him to do it. Understand that: the FBI is everywhere on the internet right now trying to get people to do shootings.

Meanwhile, I am here telling people that violence HURTS the cause, and I am silenced.

You know what story isn’t getting any traction in the mainstream media?

The story of a boomer in Texas who put bombs in a church.


A man is facing terrorism charges after incendiary devices were found at multiple buildings, including a church, Sunday morning in Brevard.

According to the Brevard Police Department, officers were called to First Baptist Church of Brevard around 10:30am on March 14 for a report of an incendiary device on church grounds.

Police said the device had not detonated.

Officers searched the area and found multiple devices which had detonated at the Transylvania County Community Services Building and the American Legion Lodge.

The devices left superficial damage, Brevard Police said.

64-year-old Terry Lee Barham was arrested Tuesday afternoon and has been charged with three counts of terrorism, possession of weapon of mass destruction, transportation of a weapon of mass destruction, manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction, malicious damage to a government building, attempted malicious damage to a government building, attempted malicious damage to a church, and attempted malicious damage to an occupied building.

Here’s the boomer:

This is clear anti-white, anti-Christian terrorism and they’re even calling it terrorism, but they’re not reporting on the story in the mainstream, and they’re not going into this guy’s background. They’re not publishing his social media.