Vestige of the Past: “The Journey to Freedom Bridge”

Modern Heretic
June 5, 2015

edmundpettusbridge (1)
Journey to the Heart of Darkness Bridge.

One of the first things a conquering invader does is begin stripping away the traditions and culture of the defeated and replacing them with their own alien institutions. It serves the purpose of humiliating and demoralizing the defeated, as well as preparing the next generation to grow up rootless, a slave with no past and a grim future. We’ve seen it here in the U.S.S.A. A hunched over jew, beady eyes and decaying skin, a pathetic little man with an endless supply of black ink, painting over history, eliminating the past and rewriting it to suit the climate of spiritual evil we now live in. Get rid of any source of White pride, tell us we were evil, invent a mythology of negro achievement from whole cloth. Control the past, control the future.

Tapir-nosed “adviser” helps Governor do “the right thing.”

Montgomery Advertiser:

The Alabama Senate on Wednesday voted to rename Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge, site of 1965’s Bloody Sunday and the subsequent Selma-to-Montgomery March.

The negro is a total and complete failure and a case study in the suicidal tolerance of White nations. No other race with be so accommodating to stone age leftovers that, at best, show sullen resentment toward our endless generosity. For decades we propped up this cultural metastasis, allowed it to spread, gave it space to destroy the body politic. Now, faced with the staggering failure of negro appeasement the answer, clearly, is to rename some bridge in Alabama where a proto-Baltimore took place. In fifty years we’ll see a “Freddie Gray Bridge,” assuming all such structures haven’t collapsed from neglect by then.

The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma, would rename the 75-year-old bridge the Journey to Freedom Bridge, following a grassroots movement by a group called Students UNITE to rename the structure.

The journey to freedom. Freedom from the rule of law, from any type of responsibility, from the modest restrictions of society. The bridge to all against all, built by White hands and now covered with swarming simian garbage. The negro couldn’t build or maintain such a construction, but they can stand on it and wail while Whites driven mad by cultural marxism capitulate to the latest temper tantrum of the child-demons.

“There are many things in our society to change that are more significant than the name of a bridge, but removing this vestige of the past will serve as a parallel to the ongoing journey towards equal rights, fair representation and open opportunity,” the resolution says.

We can’t fix the negro, so let’s keep attacking Whites and our heritage. That should make everything better. There’s your reward for subsidizing the African genetic alien. File off the name of the wicked devil, this will be the magic bullet that finally turns the negro into something resembling a modern human.

The resolution still needs approval from the House of Representatives and Gov. Robert Bentley. The Legislature can meet for only two more days before June 15, though there have been rumblings the session could end as early as Thursday.

“A lot of House members that have come to me about that resolution,” he said. “Their comments are ‘Why would we want to change a piece of history in our state?'”

Maybe we shouldn’t flush away our past to earn more hostility and demands from shit-colored monsters who hate us. I know, crazy talk.

They resolved among themselves that the bridge stood for freedom,” Sanders said.

You want a image of American freedom image two raceless brown aliens sodomizing each other in front of the ruins of Detroit while the call to prayer blares away and a merchant counts the shekels.

John Gainey, executive director of Students UNITE, said in a phone interview the Senate’s action was “incredibly exciting.”

This Ministry of Truth job is totally rad, dude!

Bloody Sunday and the Selma-to-Montgomery March spurred passage of the Voting Rights Act later in 1965.

This act was an unmitigated disaster as coal-complected morons elected tribal chieftains and suit-wearing witch doctors, but I guess that’s not the point.

The bridge was named after Edmund Pettus, a Confederate general who later served in the U.S. Senate. Pettus was elected a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in 1877, at the tail end of Reconstruction, and served in the terrorist organization for at least a year.

Yes, a “terrorist organization.” Just like all those White constitution-reading, Bible-clinging gun nuts spewing their hate on the internet.

The article said there was no evidence that Pettus participated in racial violence, though as a KKK member he would not have opposed it.

Wait, I thought he was a “terrorist?” Never did anything wrong, but probably would have approved of it because Whites act like that, rather than say, showing suicidal altruism or renaming bridges in submission to our enemies.

According to the Equal Justice Initiative, 25 men were lynched in Dallas County between 1877 and 1950.

Another holohoax! The precious, innocent 25 up a tree. Not-see Southerners!

Sanders said he felt Pettus’ time in the KKK was enough to strike his name off the bridge.

There is only one crime. Thought crime.
Slouching to the grave.