Very Fake Conservatives Attack Congressman Paul Gosar for Doing Event with Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes is pictured crucifying an innocent Canadian man as Jewish journalists rush to the rescue.

America First Political Action Committee (AFPAC) chairman Nick Fuentes has announced a fundraising event with Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar.

Earlier this year, Gosar attended the second annual AFPAC conference.

Despite the fact that Fuentes is a soft-spoken gentleman, the entirety of the conservative establishment is going psycho over this event. Each and every one of these people took some out of context statement that Nick has said and tried to use it to prove that he is evil.

Seth Mandel is the Jew who runs the supposedly “conservative” Washington Examiner.

Mandel’s very existence brings a whole new meaning to the term “ratfaced Jew bastard.”

“Fresh hell” is really clever and funny, haha. But unfortunately, Mendel’s face represents a very familiar hell that Christians have been dealing with since people with that same odious rat face murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Denver Riggleman is a former Virginia Congressman – Republican! Outraged that anyone would dare put America first!

The Democrats just stole an election, have total control of the American government, have stolen everyone’s rights via a stupid flu hoax, are now engaged in a fake domestic war on fake terrorists (citing the 1/6 hoax carried out by the feds), and are trying to start wars with both Russia and China, among others.

But what does former Congressman Denver think represents “danger” in these times?

An unspecific conspiracy in a messaging app.

Jonathan H. Adler is a Jew lawyer from the National Review. He is falsely claiming that Fuentes “denied” that millions of Jews were masturbated to death and turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler.

Fuentes has never denied those millions who were masturbated to death, nor has he denied the existence of lampshades made from their skin. Fuentes also believes that millions of Jews were shocked to death in electric floor chambers. He even believes in the Wall of Eyes.

Does Jonathan H. Adler believe in the Wall of Eyes?

Does he believe that Jews were kept in wooden cages and injected with mysterious chemicals to change the color of their eyes?

If he doesn’t believe in that, and he’s not willing to go on the record and say publicly “I believe in homicidal masturbation machines and the Wall of Eyes,” then he is the real Holocaust denier.

Alyssa Farah, the press secretary of the traitor Mike Pence, attacked Nick on the grounds that he is insane for supposedly questioning the Holocaust (which he did not ever do).

Farah is probably also a Holocaust denier.

I challenge her to go on the record confessing a belief that the Nazis trained a dog to bite Jews when they played a wrong note on the piano.

Nick will happily profess that he has total belief in this dog. Does Farah? If so, then why doesn’t she ever tweet about this dog? Surely, it is an important issue for the conservative movement?

Does Farah even believe that you could tell the nationality of the Jews that were being burned to death at Auschwitz, because they created different color smoke?

If Alyssa Farah is such a hardcore believer in the Holocaust, she needs to come out and claim that Jews from different countries produce different colors of smoke when they’re burned – or she’s just another faker.

Any old person can believe that millions of Jews were gassed to death in fake shower rooms and then incinerated in 20 minutes by being burned with wood and their ashes disappeared. But it takes a true Holocaust believer to believe that Jews from different countries produce different colors of smoke when burned.

Speaking of burning: senior National Review writer Dan McLaughlin called for Rep. Gosar to be burned alive.

Has Dan McLaughlin ever called for any Democrats to be burned alive? Or does he save that kind of vitriol for conservatives who think we should put America before Israel?

It is truly just wacky to have people who claim to be conservatives freaking out and going psycho over someone they claim to agree with on most issues.

If you look at the National Review, they claim to believe in conservative values. They claim to support pro-America policies. They claim to be anti-immigration, anti-homosexual, anti-BLM, anti-Antifa, and on and on – all issues that Nick would agree with them on.

But because Nick is alleged to not believe in a supposed historical event that happened nearly a century ago on a different continent, he deserves more scorn than any Democrat?

It’s not logical. Either these people don’t really believe in what they say they believe, or something else is going on.

Rep. Gosar responded like a normal person would respond to these attacks.

The assertion that everyone MUST believe in the “Holocaust” in order to be involved in politics is clearly not reasonable on the face of it.

That’s especially true given that I doubt anyone at the National Review is willing to go on record confessing belief that a Jew survived the gas chamber by breathing through a keyhole – which is a fact of the Holocaust.

Nick Fuentes has continually professed a belief that one or more Jews survived being gassed by breathing through a keyhole.

So I ask again: who is the real denier?

Do what you can do support Nick.

He’s fighting for your freedom.