Vermont Teacher Fired for Teaching Children How to Salute Hitler Properly

Daily Stormer
September 24, 2017

Take notes, kiddies

I have no idea if she’s really /ourteacher/ or she was trying to just teach or what. What I do know, however, is that at least a couple of kikes got heart attacks reading this, so I’m happy.

Russia Today:

 A Vermont teacher has been fired after being seen showing a group of third grade kids how to perform a Nazi salute.

The long-term substitute teacher had the students give the salute while walking to the cafeteria. It is unknown whether the kids were also goose stepping. The unnamed teacher was immediately fired, local media Seven Days reports.

Why? What exactly was she doing that was illegal or immoral? They weren’t even doing it during actual classes.

Besides, learning this kind of stuff will be very important by the time these kids are all grown-up.

 The children were standing with their arm out in front of them and the teacher was modeling the position,” school superintendent Ned Kirsch wrote to parents Thursday.

“She then raised her arm slightly and said, ‘And now we say, Heil Hitler,” he added.

That’s a lot more wholesome and healthier than what many kids in the West are taught these days…

So tolerant!

I’m at a loss on the whole thing,” Kirsch told the publication on Friday. “People are shocked. People I’ve spoken to are at a loss for words.

“It’s not a pattern. [I] never had a report about her, nothing. No one can quite understand what happened.”

Doesn’t take a lot to leave these people shocked and wordless, does it? I wonder how they’ll react when we’re gonna start rounding them up and sending them to extermination camps – real ones, this time.

It is unclear whether the teacher had Nazi sympathies or was simply demonstrating to students how Nazis saluted during the war. Either way, it was a costly error that lost the teacher her job.

I like how doing a banal and very natural salute is unacceptable in a country where literal terrorists are teachers.

But this will change. Soon…