Venezuelans Now Sacrificing Alcohol and Cigarettes to Gangster “Saints,” Praying for Gibs

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

The religious veneration of idols of people is not a new thing in subamerica. They call these figures folk saints to avoid calling them false idols, or heresy.

It takes a certain capacity for abstract thought – or a soul, which is probably the same thing – in order to venerate abstract concepts or ideals. For people operating on this animal level of consciousness, the most they can accomplish is a superstitious veneration of things they can see and touch, in the hope that they will receive immediate rewards from them.

While civilized religion has always been about elevating the state of the Self, these primitive idolatries only seek to improve the material conditions around the self.

In Argentina, the most popular of these figures is “Gauchito Gil,” a murderer and criminal who, in life, venerated “San La Muerte,” or… “Saint Death,” and is now venerated alongside her.

From what I can tell, this is spontaneous and unrelated to the Mexican/Aztec worship of Death. It was not imported from them. It appears that, when you leave these native peoples to their own devices, they just spontaneously make a god out of Death and make saints out of murderers, and start offering sacrifices to them.

The Sun:

At the heart of the city with the highest murder rate in the world is a “holy temple” dedicated to the gangsters behind the killings.

The Santos Malandros (Holy Thugs) shrine in Venezuela’s capital city has become a magnet for those terrified of death.

Just to unpack this: “mal” -> “bad” (malfunction, malpractice), “andros” -> “men” (greek). So, “Holy Evil Men.”

If you give Greek/Latin terms to these natives, they just…

Locals are now so desperate for protection they worship the spirits of these dead gangsters in return for protection and luck.

The cap-wearing statues have handguns tucked in their brightly-coloured trousers and cigarettes hanging from their mouths.

Those that visit the memorials are told to light a fag, place it in the mouth of the statue before taking part in a bizarre ritual.

A criminal-worshiper pouring a sacrifice of alcohol over his idols.

They are ordered to strip off their shirt, are threatened with knives before they are told they have been “saved from violence.”

They are far removed from the usual religious icons which are treasured in the traditionally catholic South American country.

If you believe that these life-forms can be traditionally Catholic, I have some traditionally Catholic dogs to show you.

One local said: “If you worship them, they will help you. They are trustworthy. If you believe they will help you.”

The unusual practice of worshipping these thugs doesn’t date back too far, according to Professor Daisy Barreto.

The anthropologist and cult expert reveals the Holy Thugs only became prominent in the highly dangerous city in 1989.

Dr Barreto said: “The Maria Lionza cult is not static and constantly incorporates new saints who reflect the country’s situation.”

The requests and prayers that are received by the spiritual priests of the cult can be quite varied.

Priest Santiago Rondon said: “In one day I can receive a mother who wants Ismael to turn her child away from drugs or a boy who wants Ismael to find him a gun.”

Venezuelans are the caravan invaders of South America. They are constantly flooding into anywhere they can get in. There is literally not one single country in South America that these monkey-jawed chaos-bringers have not tried to refugee into, because it’s so sad that they couldn’t figure out how to do government.

A map of the Venezuelan diaspora.

This map is old, and fake and gay. It’s way more people, and it is a currently happening thing.

If the well-born or well-educated minority want to apply for visas in the next brown country, whatever – but this is not what is happening. Every Venezuelan nigger and his mother wants to go. These people have an insane culture of violent crime.

They worship it.

They can burn with their idols.