Venezuela: Maduro Wins as Opposition Boycotts Elections

Venezuelan opposition claims that their country’s elections are a fraud and boycotts them.


A socialist alliance, led by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, has scored a major win in parliamentary elections, getting over two thirds of the vote. The polls have been boycotted by opposition and faced allegations of fraud.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela and its allies took more than 67 percent of votes in the election, the country’s electoral board’s president, Indira Alfonzo, said early on Monday. The result was hailed as a major win by Maduro, who said the socialist were able to “recover” the rebellious National Assembly.

Election turnout, however, appeared to be rather modest as only 31 percent of some 20 million eligible voters cast their ballots, official figures indicate.

“We have recovered the National Assembly with the majority vote of the Venezuelan people,” Maduro said in a televised speech. “It’s a great victory without a doubt for democracy.”

The National Assembly has been led by US-backed Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself ‘interim president’ in 2019. Despite broad support from Washington and repeated attempts to oust Maduro, that even allegedly included a botched military coup, Guaido has failed to snatch power from the socialist president.

Mike Pompeo has declared this election “a sham.”

Interestingly, Pompeo’s tweet baselessly claiming fraud is not marked with a warning that it’s a lie, as virtually every tweet by Donald Trump is.

The US government and the media establishment tell us that in Venezuela, the ruling party engages in fraud during elections. There has never been any evidence presented that these elections are fake. There isn’t, say, a tape of ballot counters pulling a suitcase full of fake ballots out from under a desk. But it seems like they would be fake, given that Maduro is a communist and communists tend to be pretty corrupt.

They also tell us that mass fraud happens in Belarus and Russia, that they know it as an absolute fact, even though they don’t have any evidence.

At the same time, they’re telling us that there is no possibility that Democrats would commit fraud in America. Ultimately, their explanation of why no such possibility exists amounts to: “they’re just too honest.”

They keep saying “there’s no evidence,” despite mountains of evidence. What they mean to say is: it is impossible for evidence to exist, because it is impossible for Democrats to commit fraud, because their moral fortitude is just too high.

I would think that even the most tapped out Republican normie would have a hard time accepting this.

If Joe Biden is successful in usurping the throne, we’re going to have to start boycotting our elections, just like the Venezuelan opposition. Furthermore, I may just go ahead and declare myself “interim president.”