Venezuela is What’s Going to Get Tucker Fired

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

On Tuesday night, Tucker became the singular television news show presenter – and probably the only person in the entire mainstream media, including print – to provide a different narrative on the attempted coup in Venezuela.

He had on freelance journalist Anya Parampil to say outright that the entire media is lying about Venezuela, that this has nothing to do with freedom and democracy, that it is a Western-backed regime change operation and that the reason the Venezuelan economy collapsed is because the US sanctioned them.

She did the whole bit, which you can watch. But you already know the bit. We do it here daily. This entire thing is a neocon scam.

At the end, she said that Trump had promised to drain the swamp, but had instead filled his White House with Swampthings like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. And Tucker replied: “I agree with that, actually.”

He did a second segment on the issue during the same show, saying there will be 8 million refugees and asking how it has anything to do with America.

Donald Trump watches this show. He will see this. He knows that this show represents his base.

He won’t stop this agenda, he won’t fire the fiends, but at least he will know.

Tucker had been staying away from this issue before Tuesday. Just not mentioning it at all. But Tuesday’s spectacle with the fake president taking over a military base using a few dozen traitor soldiers and then the entire US government and media coming out in support forced him to broach the topic.

This is the thing that is going to get Tucker fired. When the US invades, they can’t have him on there speaking out against it. Especially not when they’ve done such a great job since the Iraq War of cleansing any and all media of anyone who questions the foreign policy agenda from the left.