Venezuela Enters Third Month of Violent Protests

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017

This is some legit Mad Max type shit here folks!

Looking for a cheap vacation destination with plenty of adventure and excitement? If so, you might want to consider Venezuela. The country is in the midst of an economic collapse and has descended into a Latino variation of a Mad Max film.

Inflation has skyrocketed and basic essentials like food and medicine are hard to come by. The nation is entering its third month of violent protests as the economic crisis continues.

The nation’s President Nicolas Maduro is refusing calls to step down.

Recently, a young protester shot dead by security forces further inflaming the situation.

Here’s some new video clips.

And here’s a few news clips going further into the situation.

The main problem centers around the fact that Venezuela’s economy is largely centered around oil. As oil prices declined in the past few years, it created an environment where the government could no longer afford their expansive social programs. They’ve also attempted to maintain currency controls to keep these programs afloat. This in turn has caused rampant inflation and produced thriving black markets.

The political situation itself is ridiculous in its own right. Maduro is widely believed to have some type of Jewish lineage. The main opposition figure Henrique Capriles has Jewish grandparents who were allegedly gassed in fake shower rooms by Nazis.

Hard to say how this will end but it certainly won’t end well that’s for sure!