Vegans Are Killing Their Pets by Not Giving Them Meat

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2019

Dogs were domesticated to be used for hunting animals.

Cats were domesticated to kill pests, mostly rats.

So it’s only natural that vegans would assume these are vegan animals, because it makes perfect sense.

Daily Mail:

Vegan pet owners feeding their animals meat-free diets are putting their animals’ health at risk.

Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals that require meat in their diet and removing it can have fatal consequences, a veterinarian has warned.

‘When these are depleted over time there are many negative health impacts,’ managing vet at RSPCA NSW Sydney Veterinary Hospital Dr Chris Greenwell told the Daily Telegraph.

Let’s hope the dogs start eating their owners soon.

Eating a malnourished human probably isn’t ideal, but it can’t be worse for them than green slop.

‘If you’re denying proper care to a cat you’re effectively breaching your own theoretical values with dietary choices.’

These people are literally killing themselves – and their children – and you think the problem here is that they’re not following some bizarre gibberish professor Shlomo made up in sociology class?

Cats and dogs both have small guts that can quickly and effectively break down meat products, while plant-based options can be a lot harder for them to digest.

Cats get an amino acid called taurine from eating meat which is essential to their diet. They also get arginine, arachidonic acid and A and B vitamins.

Removing these components from a cats system can cause severe problems including heart failure, birth defects and liver problems.

Dogs are better equipped to handle a plant-based diet, but still require foods rich in protein and can suffer from heart diseases and vitamin D and B deficiencies from avoiding their natural food source.

Supplements are available for pets with vegan diets, and can be taken in a number of different formulas for different animals.

The thing that I find funniest about veganism is how these idiots claim it’s “natural.”

You need pills and an instruction manual just to not die, half the stuff you eat comes from a blender, and you have no realistic way to naturally survive the winter in the northern hemisphere, and you think you’re living in harmony with nature.

Veganism is not a diet, it’s a cult of very crazy and stupid people, and in a normal society they wouldn’t be much of a problem.

But we don’t live in a normal society, we live in one where our media and governments are intentionally trying to exterminate us, and these vegtards and their idiocy are being systematically promoted as the ideal.

The average vegan looks like he just got out of the gulag

There is no such thing as a healthy plant-only diet.

If you want to eat healthy cut the processed foods to zero or near zero, fast regularly, eat nutrient-dense foods (organ meats, fish, fish roe, shellfish, eggs, etc.) of as high quality as you can find/afford and you’ll be more or less OK.

There are trillions of sites out there where you can check the nutritional value of each food, and comparing those things I mentioned above with any plants you can think of makes it very clear what you should be eating.