Vegan Row: Austria Vegan Ad Showing Banana Sex Sparks Vegan Row

I don’t think people should have sex with bananas. At least not in public. The public doesn’t like it. This is what sank The Amazing Atheist’s career.


A provocative marketing campaign launched to promote vegan-friendly food supplements has caught the disapproving eye of Austria’s Green Party, igniting yet another social justice fracas on the internet.

Gall Pharma rolled out a saucy ad featuring a naked woman (or so we are led to believe) suggestively resting an unpeeled banana on her chin. “We’re doing it vegan now,” the advertisement declares.

The sexual innuendo was not well received by Greens MP Meri Disoski, the party’s spokesperson for women and equality, who lashed out at the promotional material in a message posted to Facebook.

Arguing that there is “no connection” between the advertisement and what it is meant to promote, Disoski said Gall Pharma was guilty of “using a woman as a sexualized eye-catcher” for their products. Condemning the ad’s “pornographic aesthetics,” she claimed that the company had violated the code of ethics laid out by the Austrian Advertising Council. The MP urged the pharmaceutical firm to withdraw the ad and “refrain from sexist advertising in the future.”

Yes, and it’s also false advertisement. If there is one thing veganism is not, it’s sexy.

Not sexy.

They do, in fact, however, have sex with bananas.

Not sexy.