Vaxy Joe Gives Kook Vaxer Speech Announcing Brutal New Abuses of Power

The fiendish beast Joe Biden is making more demands of your body.

He gave a speech Thursday night expressing gross rage and announcing that he’s going to force more people to take the deadly vaccine.

I’m not going to counter all of these false statements about how it’s “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” A couple weeks ago, I would have embedded Alex Berenson’s tweets debunking all of the statements, but Berenson is now banned from Twitter. Now, you can just go read all of the articles I’ve written about this. Basically, statistics from the UK and Israel show that you’re more likely to “die from covid 19” if you are vaxed.

He claimed that there are 80 million unvaxed, and called them selfish and other names. He also spread fake news about “mobile morgues” and “overwhelmed hospitals.”

The most bizarre thing is that he didn’t tell people how many vaccines he’s demanding these people get. Presumably, he’s talking about at least three. Of course, we know from the Jews that the fourth is on the way.

This is the beginning of a program to demonize the unvaxed. He says that the unvaxed are preventing the vaxed from going back to normal, and that they “cannot be allowed” to remain unvaxed. He said the unvaxed are “blocking public health.”

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” he said, emphasizing the word “freedom” with a mocking tone.

He announced a program to mandate all federal workers – and anyone contracting with the federal government – to be vaxed.

He also called on all companies to start forcing people to be vaxed. This is obviously going to lead to the punishment of companies that don’t require this. The government has a lot of ways to punish you.

He also called on doctors to believe him over their own medical expertise. He claimed that he knows more than doctors. He stressed the FDA approval, without mentioning that top FDA employees resigned.

There were a lot of really angry, menacing moments in the speech, but one that really made my skin crawl was Biden claiming that his patience is at an end with people who think they have a right to resist his will.

If he can force this on you, he can force anything on you. People do not agree that the vax is safe. Even if it is safe (it’s not), people have a right to disagree, and this is a political issue. If the president is allowed to make this decision for you, he can make any decision for you. This bullying is political. This does not somehow “transcend politics.”

Democrats are feminine, for one, and are obsessed with safety and groupthink. For another, Democrats are emotional believers in authority, and don’t really care about facts. It is very natural that right and left are split on this vaccine. It is a partisan political issue, and Joe Biden is claiming that he has authority over your body.

Biden announced that the vaxed are really safe anyway, which brings the question why it matters if everyone else gets vaxed. But then after saying the vaxed are safe, he said that actually, they’re not really that safe, and they need to take a third shot now.

He then hinted at the fact he has a dead son, and that it is now time to vax 12-year-olds.

He said that parents are begging for children under 12 to get vaxed.

He also claimed that Ron DeSantis is evil and wants people to die from the virus – just to be mean. He then hinted that he might have DeSantis whacked.

It’s really shameful that people are not repulsed by this man claiming that the Florida governor is literally metaphysically evil and wants people to die of a disease to be mean. How can an adult not be disgusted at being talked to this way?

Most distressingly of all, Biden announced that a “new pandemic” will be coming soon.

He closed by creepily whispering “get vaccinated” into his mic.

The most amazing thing about the speech was that it was over 20 minutes long.

Biden is holding up a lot better than I thought he would.