Vaxy Goblin Ben Shapiro Now Opposed to Vax Mandates

Is this a trustworthy face? Your call.

The vaxy little Jew goblin Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News on Friday to announce that his company – The Daily Wire – will be resisting the vax mandate of vaxy Joe Biden.

However, you will recall that this evil and ratty little Jew Shapiro had previously endorsed a vax mandate, saying that forcing people to take the vax is a libertarian position.

This clip is from March.

He was shilling the vax all over the place, demanding everyone take it, and posting really stupid lies from the CDC and Anthony Fauci.

Now all of a sudden the tiny Jew rodent has switched sides! He’s against mandatory vax now, because Joe Biden is for it!


Because he jumps on various cultural trends in order to remain relevant, and because he can get publicity by saying his company is fighting back against Joe Biden. No one is going to call him on anything, so he can just switch his positions completely without ever noting the fact that his position has switched.

By the way, his company is a joke – The Daily Wire only has the size it has because better sites, such as the Daily Stormer and Infowars, are systematically censored. Ben Shapiro – who I will mention is Jewish – has a deal with both YouTube, controlled by the Jew Susan Wojcicki, and with Facebook, controlled by the Jew Mark Zuckerberg.

Shapiro is the king of online conservative media due to mass censorship and Jewish nepotism, period. If people had a choice, very few people would choose Ben Shapiro over Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones or Nick Fuentes – or any number of other much better right-wing commentators who have been banned by the Jews.

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The conservative media is now a Jewish mind prison. Ben Shapiro is going to go up there and say “I support the vax, I just don’t think you should be forced to take it.” That is effectively just playing the other side of Joe Biden’s coin of death.

You shouldn’t have to take the vaccine because it isn’t safe.

Speaking of The Daily Wire – what is going on with Matt Walsh?

I was really excited when he told Kristi Noem that she had “sweet sugar tits” and that he was going to “suck on them juicy knockers” while he “cracks that ass like a watermelon.”

Then he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Thursday, which was guest hosted by Jesse Waters, and I thought he did a great job.

(Starts at 3:36 in this clip.)

He said the exact thing that I said yesterday: all these people calling the Joe Biden forced-vax order “unconstitutional” are just jerking off, because Biden’s people are not even pretending like it is Constitutional. They’re just saying “we are doing this because we can and there is nothing you can do about it,” so whining doesn’t do anything.

Hilariously, he called out the hoax that Ben Shapiro had been promoting for months – if the vaccine works, then why does it matter if everyone takes it?

Ben Shapiro (as seen in the above clip) claims – or claimed, his stated positions shift like goo through your fingers – that because it was about “herd immunity,” the vaccine only works if everyone takes it. That was his logic for the government forcing people to take it.

Matt Walsh is not bad. He’s really better than 90% of popular conservative pundits. I can’t understand why he continues to work for Ben Shapiro. He could be really popular if he went out on his own and was able to address issues such as the Jewish murder of Christ (which as a traditional Catholic, he’s supposed to believe was the greatest crime in all of human history).

It’s just confusing what exactly Walsh is getting by being linked to Shapiro. He obviously has to give him a percentage of his profits in order to be on Shapiro’s network.

I guess the obvious answer to that question is that as long as he’s attached to Shapiro, he cannot be banned from the internet, due to the “special deal” Shapiro has with his kinsmen at YouTube and Facebook.

Very sad to see a supposedly good Christian man like Walsh selling his soul to these blood-drinking Jews.