Vaxxed Out: mRNA Coronavirus “Vaccine” Turns the Entire Body Into a Spike Protein Factory

I’m not a scientist. I am, however, a critical and analytical thinker. The question for me as soon as I read about the way these mRNA coronavirus “vaccines” work was this: when does the body know to stop making the spike protein that the genes are being instructed to produce?

From what I have read, there is no clear answer to this. Furthermore, I have actually directly asked vaxx-supporting American doctors this question – two of them, in fact. Neither was able to answer – both said they would get back to me and never did.

The basic answer is that mRNA has a half-life of roughly two weeks, which means that the body will flush itself of the synthetic mRNA and thus stop producing the spike protein in that timeframe. Assuming that is the way things work – and once again, no one seems to be clear on that – your body is still producing this spike protein for two weeks, which is something very bizarre, and very different than simply “creating an immune response.”

The most staggering thing about all of this is that none of it is talked about, and in fact, the all-controlling and all-deciding tech companies refuse to even allow normal people to discuss it. So we simply do not have any information. The dissemination of this vaccine is the vaccine trial – they are attempting to put the entire global population into a drug trial. However, in a normal drug trial, effects are recorded. In this trial, you are not allowed to even have a conversation about the effects, and there is no attempt whatsoever by the government, media or any other institution to keep track of any of it.

One thing that we do know is that there has been an issue of blood clots, which has contributed in large part to the supposedly insignificant and irrelevant death toll, which the VAERS system currently has at roughly 6,000. This is apparently because the cell lining of the blood vessels, like every other cell in your body, are mass producing spike proteins.

We have no idea how many people have actually died from the vaccine. It is certainly a lot more than 6,000. Because any attempt to keep records beyond the ridiculous VAERS database has been banned by all Western institutions of power, the most reliable gauge we have is the old-fashioned anecdote: and we all know of someone in our lives who has died from the “jab.” Many of our old people were killed in the wave of funerals that took place earlier this year. But with old people they say “natural causes.” Everyone knows of someone under 60 who has died in the week after taking the first or second shot.

In a recent interview with Joseph Mercola, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko estimated that 200,000 people have died from the vaccine. Lower estimates come out around 60,000-90,000.

Two-hundred thousand is a big number, and seems to make sense.

To try to put that in perspective: if all those people were named “Logan Paul,” it would take you a day and a half to say all their names.

By any estimate at all: the coronavirus vaccine has killed more people than every other vaccine in history, combined. Taking the official data at face value and comparing it to even the low number of 60,000 vaccine deaths, for people under the age of 60, the vaccine has killed a hundred times more people than the alleged coronavirus.

That said: all of us also know many more people – even some old people – who survived the vaccine. Whatever the real number of deaths is, it remains a fraction of the total number of people who have submitted to the injection.

The question now is: how many years will the vaxx take off of the lifespans of the people who have undergone it?

What will be the long-term effects on the body of having spent this two-week period with every cell in their body producing spike proteins?

The answer, of course, is that no one has any idea. It is possible that governments or private institutions are attempting to secretly estimate how many people are dying from the vaxx. They couldn’t likely do it with very much accuracy, but maybe someone is trying. In theory, they could be monitoring certain groups of people who use various government healthcare systems, and calculating their deaths while continuing to claim publicly it is all a big coincidence.

With the long-term effects, it is literally impossible to know, because this is a new technology which has never been used before. It seems likely that it will take decades off people’s lifespans, on average.

There is also the question as to whether it disconnects the body from the soul.