Vaxed Washington Post Jew Dies of Heart Failure

“Look how reasonable I am was, goy”

This Jew’s father is still alive at 96, presumably because he hasn’t gotten the vax himself.

Free West Media:

Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt suffered “sudden cardiac arrest on November 24” and did not regain consciousness. Hiatt was a recipient of the jab after his employer imposed a vaccine mandate in July to “help safeguard the health and safety” of the newspaper’s staff.

The dramatic upswing in heart failure has been linked to vaccination.

Hiatt was directly involved in spreading false news, including the Russiagate hoax and lies to justify the attack on Syria. He published “at least” 27 editorials pushing for war in the six months preceding the invasion of Iraq, according to PBS’s Bill Moyers.

Lately, Hiatt had excelled in publishing editorials advocating forced vaccines, Big Tech censorship, hate speech laws, mass immigration, gun control, transgenderism and Critical Race Theory (CRT).

He had also relentlessly attacked Florida governor Ron De Santis for not imposing vaccine mandates, accusing him of “jaw-dropping cynicism”.

He can go ahead and accuse me of jaw-dropping cynicism for laughing at his death.

Except he can’t.

Because he’s dead.