Vax Psychology: The Globalist System is Crippled by Its Own Lies

Here’s yet another example of Jews (invasive humanoid rats and the killers of Our Lord Jesus) being incapable of drawing any meaning from their own research.

New York Times:

The delta variant was the main reason that people decided to get vaccinated against COVID-19 this summer and why most say they will get boosters when eligible, according to the latest monthly survey on vaccine attitudes by the Kaiser Family Foundation, released on Tuesday morning. But the survey indicated that nearly three-quarters of unvaccinated Americans view boosters very differently, saying that the need for them shows that the vaccines are not working.

That divide suggests that while it may be relatively easy to persuade vaccinated people to line up for an additional shot, the need for boosters may complicate public health officials’ efforts to persuade the remaining unvaccinated people to get their initial one.

Another takeaway from the Kaiser Family Foundation survey: For all the carrots dangled to induce hesitant people to get COVID shots — cash, doughnuts, racetrack privileges — more credit for the recent rise in vaccination goes to the stick. Almost 40% of newly inoculated people said that they had sought the vaccines because of the increase in COVID cases, with more than a third saying that they had become alarmed by overcrowding in local hospitals and rising death rates.

If you’re not looking at “the data” and instead looking at basic reality and common sense, this example of “the data” is clearly unbelievable.

The only people legitimately living in fear of the virus got vaxed as soon as the vaccine became available. Everyone since then who has made the decision to submit to this invasive and dangerous genetic engineering procedure has done so because of some other form of psychological manipulation than “a deadly virus is gonna get you.”

I doubt many did it for donuts. Some of them maybe did it for cash. But most of them did it for fear of losing their job, losing their free movement, or losing their ability to enter certain establishments. That is to say: they did it out of fear of man, rather than out of fear of an invisible evil force (“virus”).

But back to the original point I wanted to make: Jews are losing their basic connection to reality.

  • Censorship
  • Threats of punishment for honesty
  • A desire to publish false data in order to manipulate the public

Have made it more or less impossible for the Jews to understand what is happening around them in real life.

Remember that Mark Zuckerberg was, until 2017, adamant about not banning anyone from Facebook, and not censoring anything, including stuff that the ADL claimed was “beyond the pale,” such as open discussion of the wooden doors on the gas chambers at Auschwitz. The reason was not that the Zuck is a big believer in the values of freedom of speech – the reason was that censorship damages the ability to collect data accurately.

One of the arguments against censoring me so badly was that “hate should be out in the open where it can be monitored.” What that meant, at least in part, was that if the site was on a normal .com domain, someone could figure out how many people were visiting it every day. Now that the majority of the traffic is on Tor, no one (including me, frankly) has any idea how many people are reading the site, or where that traffic is coming from.

Furthermore, in current year, people understand the “cancel culture” all too well, and no virtually one with politically incorrect views is going to admit to it in a phone poll. People are even censoring their views in a private context. No one has any idea where the line is as to what they’re allowed to say, so they’re likely to not say anything, or wait for a signal as to what the appropriate thing to say is before agreeing. Other than saying that white people are evil and that women are superior to men, I don’t know what you’re definitely allowed to say – and I study this stuff. The women stuff is getting confusing because of trannies and the fact that some kinds of brown men are superior to some kinds of women.

Thirdly, there is this desire to publish fake information in order to confuse the public. This also means that the people collecting the data are likely to purposefully manipulate the data, and make it so there is no trace of accurate information. The establishment wants to believe their own lies, because they are committed to their own lies.

Among the liberal classes, not just everyone’s career and money, but everyone’s life is effectively dependent on these lies being maintained. If it’s widely understood that the coronavirus was a hoax created in large part by homosexual pedophiles for the purpose of normalizing child transsexualism, a lot, lot of people are going to end up swinging from lampposts. An unhinged revenge mob is not going to probably discriminate very much between the people who planned this and the people who went along with it and enforced it. There is going to be a “just let God sort them out” attitude widespread if the anal/virus superstructure ever crumbles.

So, their own self-protection mechanisms are actually putting them at risk of being hunted down and slaughtered, as they are incapable of keeping proper data on what is going on. This is why, I think, they are so obsessed with vaxing people. For whatever reason, a vaxed person is considered “neutralized” and incapable of rising up against them. I don’t claim to fully understand why that is, but I think it is clearly true – in the mind of these people, the vax neutralizes opposition.

It makes you wonder if these New Age type people aren’t onto something, with regards to the vaccine separating the body from the soul.

For those interested – here‘s an Orthodox Catholic priest talking about the vax affecting people spiritually.

Here’s a video of a new age woman saying the vaccine will steal your soul.

Here’s another new age woman saying that.

There are about a million new age women on the internet saying that the vaccine will steal your soul or destroy your soul or whatever. These are just two examples that I found quickly as examples.

There are several new age types – who probably prefer the term “holistic medicine therapist” or something – in the David Icke video “Ask the Experts.” You can research any of the people interviewed in this video for more from them.

Even Michael Yeadon, the Pfizer whistle-blower, is now talking about a “dark gene therapy agenda.”

I would of course never endorse any of this sort of thing outright, but I will say – the idea does interest me, on a personal level.

The great mystery is why they are so fixated on forcing you to take this vaccine. But at this point, they are totally in a frenzy. It is clear to me that it is linked to an inability to control resistance in a system this complicated and this mired in lies. The vax is clearly understood as a “solution” to the problem of the masses of people.

This is the reason that I’ve said that no one who takes the vaccine can be relied on to stand by you when the hard times get here. If you have people that you love that have taken the vax, you don’t need to abuse them or abandon them outright, but you need to realize that they will turn against you when the time comes for them to do so. Anyone who has taken the vax has submitted to fear and to the forces of darkness and evil.

The system is bound to collapse, and each day it gets closer to collapse, as the weight of the lies increases. The only thing you can do, truly, is stay out of the way.