Vatican Reveals People Will be Checked for Fever Before Sunday Mass

The slippery slope is real.

This is how it starts.

First, it’s about testing your temperature before you can enter some places, then, before you know it, it’s about carrying a microchip, being vaccinated, and meeting a series of requirements in order to leave your home.

Daily Mail:

The Vatican was sanitised by men wearing protective overalls ahead of masses restarting next week, as it revealed it will test the temperatures of the faithful before Sunday Mass to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Men wearing protective overalls and masks were seen sanitising St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican today. Workers sanitised all the statues in the basilica, including beneath the baroque sculpted bronze canopy of St. Peter’s Baldachin.

The Basilica, the largest Catholic church in the world, was disinfected on Friday, with a team of suited and masked cleaners spraying every surface of the 23,000-square metre (250,000-square foot) church.

This comes as Saint Peter’s Basilica will reopen to visitors on Monday, after a two-month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Holy See said on Friday.

The measures apply to the Vatican’s four Roman basilicas¬†– including St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

The temperature checks will at least occur on Sundays and feast days when larger crowds are expected.

The regulations are even more stringent than those adopted by Italian bishops for ordinary parishes around the country.

It prohibits anyone with a fever or who has been in contact with a COVID-19 patient from attending Mass.

Coronavirus is as dangerous as the flu, and it is mostly killing very old people.

We know this.

We have the data.

Yet powerful people are still pushing the Doom Virus narrative, presumably because they have an agenda that benefits from it.

There are experts who have looked at the data, and stated that there is no way that the government isn’t doing all of these insane things on purpose. There is no way that the Vatican doesn’t know that coronavirus is only as dangerous as the flu.

There is no way that all of this circus of panic isn’t part of some greater plan.

They are setting the stage.