Vandals Target Columbus Statue in Providence Because They Hate Civilization

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2019

The only genocide that is openly celebrated is white genocide.


The Christopher Columbus statue in the Elmwood section of Providence was doused in blood red paint from head to toe Monday, on the holiday honoring him.

A sign saying “Stop Celebrating Genocide” was tied around the pedestal with a chain. The word “Genocide” was also spray-painted on the base.

The Italian explorer is a man who some celebrate and others despise.

That statue isn’t celebrating genocide; it is celebrating the coming of hospitals, medicine, universities, knowledge, improved quality of life, technology, longer life expectancy, and much more.

It is celebrating all the gifts that white people have shared with the world.

Yeah, savages died in the process. But they were dying anyways by their own hands in gruesome wars and human sacrifices.

At the end of the day, the coming of the white man was a net win for browns because thanks to it, their numbers have skyrocketed to heights that would have been impossible for them to achieve on their own and they’re living longer, more comfortable lives.

“To the people that did do that, you put the blood back on his hands,” said Priscilla Jackson, a Native American.

“When I saw it, it was disheartening,” said a man looking at the damage. “I have my opinion, you have your opinion, but to desecrate a statue, it doesn’t prove anything. It doesn’t gain anything positive out of that.”

While some grew up learning Columbus discovered America, historians say that’s not the case. But he is credited with playing a key role in terms of Europeans colonizing this part of the world. Fallout from that includes the killing of Native Americans.

“I got out of my bed this morning to walk here just to see this,” Jackson said.

The statue was vandalized in 2010 and 2017 as a nationwide movement to change Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day gains momentum.

Darrell Waldron, the executive director of the Rhode Island Indian Council, said he understands the motivation behind the vandalism, but he doesn’t condone it.

I think that person may be frustrated that people aren’t really telling the truth, you know,” Waldron said. “I mean, I’ve been in my job for about 35 years and I have heard some very personal stories about history.”

That is preposterous. No one is denying that Europeans killed ugly brown savages when they came to America. Literally no one anywhere is claiming that.

The truth that isn’t being told is that just like blacks who were enslaved are the ancestors of the most privileged blacks in the history of blackness, browns that were subjugated by whites are the ancestors of the most privileged browns in the bloody history of America.

It is thanks to the white man that these savages have been dignified as much as biology allows.

It is thanks to our ancestors that these savages stopped doing mass sacrifices to appease the weather.

It is thanks to us that they enjoy everything that white people have invented.

But they are not able to see that. They hate white people anyways.

They talk about “genocide” yet they’re still around in even greater numbers than before.

We shall be wiser next time.

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