Vancouver Decriminalizes All Hard Drugs – Soon to be the Policy Throughout!

We all know how they do this: they introduce one of these “progressive” policies somewhere in the West, whether it is government sponsored abortion for teenagers or arrests for not wearing virus masks, then everywhere else in the West claims that it was a smashing success in X place, and they all copy the policy.

Oregon has already decriminalized all hard drugs.

Now Vancouver.

Canadian Press:

Councillors in Vancouver have voted unanimously to ask the federal government to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit drugs.

In a statement issued late Wednesday after the vote, Stewart thanked groups such as the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, which he says have pursued decriminalization for years.

In the same process used to create its first supervised injection clinic almost two decades ago, city staff will now write to federal officials, including the ministers of health and justice, seeking an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

If approved, Stewart says Vancouver will work with the police department, Vancouver Coastal Health, community groups and people who have lived experience with drug use to determine how decriminalization should be approved.

Yeah, let’s unironically get the “lived experience” to inform us in the process of legalizing fentanyl and crystal meth.

Understand: this is not some random lunacy. It is systemic lunacy. They are going to do this everywhere, because they want everyone on drugs as they force us into poverty.

The coronavirus lockdown hoax was a plan to obliterate the middle class by transferring their wealth to the ultra-rich, leveling out the world’s playing field among the goyim. The average white American will be no better than some 75 IQ neanderthal creature living in a slum in Dhaka.

None of this is confusing. It’s all in fact brutally straightforward: the ruling elite is using a fake crisis to drastically transform society. Drugs are a huge part of that, because they are a weapon. It was the Jewish Sackler family that normalized the use of opioids in America through OxyContin. Jews have continually been behind moves to legalize all drugs.

The push for this in Oregon was backed by the ACLU, a brutal posse of Jew lawyers.

The media is of course praising it as brilliant.

I can’t stress it enough: This is in the middle of an economic collapse when the government is forcing businesses to close and all of the money that these people lose is being transferred to the rich.

Could you imagine anything more obvious?

Anyway, the good news is that I invented the “toothpaste ad smile heroin addict stock photo meme.”

That’s gonna grow legs. It really shows the whole entire nature of society.

We also need “toothpaste ad smile breadlines,” “toothpaste ad smile while being arrested for a mask violation,” and so on.

Everything is supposed to be happy, while the entire foundation of the social order crumbles.

Even Billie Eilish is happy now.