Vampire Theory? Healthy People Need Sunlight, Locking People Inside is Making Them More Likely to Get Sick

“Oi mate, we need you unhealthy and away from the sunlight.”

The “coronavirus pandemic” is a hoax. The virus that they have allegedly identified as a new virus is exactly the same as the flu. Whether it is really a new version of the flu, or just the same old flu, no one really knows as a matter of fact.

What we do know as a matter of fact is that people need sunlight, and their general health is going to decline if they don’t have sunlight, which is going to put them at higher risk for all health problems.

Study Finds:

Throughout the entire coronavirus pandemic, health officials have warned the public to stay indoors. However, a new study finds they may have been going about things all wrong. According to researchers in Scotland, getting out into the sun may be the medicine for COVID-19.

A team from the University of Edinburgh finds sunnier areas see fewer deaths from the virus. Study authors add sunbathing causes the skin to release a chemical which can alleviate symptoms in COVID-positive individuals. Interestingly, the impact of getting more vitamin D, a nutrient provided by the sun’s rays, couldn’t fully explain this phenomenon.

“There is still so much we don’t understand about Covid-19, which has resulted in so many deaths worldwide,” says corresponding author Dr. Richard Weller in a university release. “These early results open up sunlight exposure as one way of potentially reducing the risk of death.”

These “study finds” articles really are total garbage. These people are all just completely full of shit.

Everyone already knew that the supposedly “novel” virus was at least very similar to the flu, even if they were claiming it was significantly different than the flu in some way.

You didn’t need a “study to find” that your immune system is lower when you get less sunlight – that is part of why people are so much more likely to get sick in the winter than they are in the summer.

But remember how they locked people inside, telling them that even if they were alone and sunbathing, it was against the law?

They even threatened to arrest people for sunbathing.

All the evidence shows that one of the agendas of the lockdown was to increase instances of illness, so they could trump-up the death toll from the virus.

Of course, the main agendas were:

  • Get you to willingly surrender all your freedoms
  • Collapse the economy in preparation of a “great reset”
  • Get you to accept a fake “vaccine” that alters your genes

But some specific actions, such as moving sick people to nursing homes, and banning solo sunbathing, suggest very clearly that part of the agenda was to increase deaths.

Now that a “study has found” that sunlight is good for human health – something we’ve known since pre-history – will they have different rules during the next lockdown?

Probably no.