Valerie Plame Calls Out the Jews for Starting All of America’s Wars [UPDATE: CUCKED]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 21, 2017


So, she cucked.

But it doesn’t matter. Damage is done.

And in fact, cucking just makes it look worse. Because people are like, “wow she sure did have to cuck hard and fast and pretend like she didn’t read the headline of the article she shared, huh.”

All of this shit is going off the rails now, quickly.

Original article follows.

I always hated the phrase “broke the internet.”

But if it was ever appropriate to use that phrase, it is appropriate right now, as former CIA covert officer just dropped on Twitter that Jews are driving all of America’s wars.

She linked to an article on the Unz review, entitled “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars” – an article which does a pretty good job documenting that known fact.

Plame was a undercover CIA agent who was outed by Jewish WaPo journalist Robert Novak during the Bush II era. The leak was made by the Jew Scooter Libby.

Plame has been a minor, irrelevant figure in politics ever since. Recently, she tried to raise money to buy Twitter so that she could ban Donald Trump. She is very leftist.

Difficult to blame her “anti-Semitic” statement on a right-wing Trump neo-Nazi Russian conspiracy, for sure.

The Jews appear to be in very big trouble.

This is exactly the thing that they do not want to be happening: a whole bunch of people from various aspects of the political spectrum calling them out as responsible for all types of dirty dealings.

People from all directions are now asking questions.

And the Jews don’t have any answers, which is why their singular strategy is and has always been “shut it all down.”

But you can’t shut down everyone at the same time.