Valentine’s Day Reminder: “Love” Isn’t Real, It’s a Chemical Reaction in Your Brain Telling You to Reproduce

It’s Valentine’s Day, AKA “Annual Vaginal Worship Day.” Every day in the Western world is “Vaginal Worship Day,” but this is a day when you’re supposed to worship vaginas extra hard.

I just want to take the time to remind everyone that “love” is not a real thing. It is just a chemical process in your brain that drives you to reproduce. What we now call “love” used to be called “sexual infatuation.”

Furthermore, the approval of women is not related to your masculinity, and in fact, at this point in history, masculinity may be inversely related to the ability to “get laid.”

Firstly, understand: a woman having sex with you is a way for her to show her approval of you. Unless it is a legitimate rape, that is all it is. She has decided that you are worthy of her vagina, based on some criteria she’s come up with. All you are proving when you get a woman to have sex with you is that you’ve gained her approval.

It must be understood that the only thing of value a woman has is her vagina. Therefore, anything a woman wishes to gain must be gained through leveraging the power of her vagina. Men want access to the vagina because they have a biological drive to reproduce.

This biological drive to reproduce will cause the brain to create all sorts of chemicals in order to shape your behavior toward the goal of inserting your penis into the vagina of a woman who is attractive. Note that the things that you find attractive are signs of fertility or good genetics. Big breasts, strong butt and a thin waist are signs of fertility. Facial symmetry is a sign of good genetics.

When you feel a strong and even overwhelming “love” for a woman, this is simply your brain tricking you into thinking she is some great person, because your genetics want you to insert your penis into her vagina, then to feed her, then to stick around to provide for the children. She is not actually special, and in fact, she is stupid, selfish, vapid, amoral, vindictive, petty, solipsistic, and basically outright evil.

Nonetheless, you are driven by these emotions your brain has produced to seek her approval.

Historically, the things a woman approved of were things that were naturally noble. A woman approved of a man who was capable of acquiring resources, which she would then gain access to. Ultimately, what she approved of was social status, as social status implies an ability to acquire resources. Therefore, a man who was strong, well-liked in the community, and who was good at his profession, was considered attractive.

Thus, historically, getting the approval of a woman lined up more or less with being a good man. If you were strong, you worked hard, and people liked you, so too women would be interested in you. It was thereby fair to conclude that if a man had access to a lot of women to choose from, he was masculine.

Going all the way back to the tribal times, the guy with the most wives and concubines was the chief, and he would have had to have been alpha to hold that position and not be challenged for his leadership. Thus, there is an association in our minds with a man’s ability to attract women and his value as a man.

Now, however, everything has been flipped on its head, as a woman no longer requires a man to meet her basic needs. The government meets her needs through welfare programs and through affirmative action hiring schemes.

Furthermore, a woman is no longer shamed for having sex with more than one man, so she can shop around and see what she likes. When some women enter their late twenties, they will choose someone to settle down with. Others will try to keep the scam going indefinitely.

A woman now chooses who she has sex with arbitrarily, and because men still believe that a man who gets a lot of women is masculine, this has allowed women to redefine masculinity.

These are things that women have chosen in their sex partners, which has made many men believe these things are masculine:

  1. Being on steroids
  2. Having tattoos
  3. Obsessively grooming the face
  4. Engaging in bizarre fashion trends
  5. Believing in various idiotic political causes
  6. Being a violent criminal
  7. Having feminine emotions
  8. Acting like everything is a big joke all the time
  9. Spending exorbitant amounts of money on worthless trinkets
  10. Doing drugs

And so on.

Trying to please women, you end up as a totally unhinged lunatic.

None of those things are masculine, but men have begun to think these things are masculine, because women have begun to choose to have sex with men who exhibit these traits.

Men’s brains, as they seek vaginal access, see that men who are getting women exhibit these traits, and thus the traits become normative.

Women then continue to change their demands, and continue to make their “ideal man” into something weirder and weirder, and men continue to go along with it.

If you want to live a happy and successful life, you cannot do so while attempting to meet the shifting demands of women. This will actually drive you insane, and you may end up completely deranged.

The first thing you must do is understand that these very strong emotions you feel towards women are not real. They are a trick, created by chemicals in your brain, to drive you to reproduce. This trick would be fine and dandy in a functional society, and no one would ever even have to acknowledge that it is a trick. However, in this hellscape we live in now, when you start to feel these emotions towards a woman, you must say to yourself: “This is not real. I do not ‘love’ this woman, I barely even know her. Her approval of me is not important.”

If you can successfully get control of those emotions, you will be able to focus on your own life goals.

At some point later in your life, when you’ve accomplished your personal goals, you can go about trying to find a woman to breed with. But you should do that logically, in the same way you would buy a new (or, more likely, used) car. You should pick a woman based on her ability to fulfill what you need from her, and not based on some wacky emotional sensation that the chemicals in your brain are producing.

Valentine’s Day was created to sell greeting cards. Now, it’s being used to shame men.

Just keep your head clear. Don’t let these people get inside your head, and bombard you with lies about how your own self-worth is connected to this vaginal scam.

Moreover: be honest with other men who are having problems. Don’t go out there and act like you’re the big boss getting mad pussy.

And always, always, always put bros before hoes.

Men need to stick together, and take care of each other – not sell each other out for women’s approval. Selling out another man over a woman is probably the single most disgusting conceivable act on earth.

Work, take care of your health, take care of your money, take care of your family and friends. Focus on those things. Eventually, the stuff with women will come together.

Until then, remember that having sex with a prostitute is a much lesser sin than masturbation. Having sex with a prostitute is still a sin, however.