Vagina Responsible for Alec Baldwin’s Prop Gun Angered Nicolas Cage by Firing on Set Without Warning

The greatest action hero of all time, Nick Cage, has been on hundreds of extremely violent sets.

Nick Cage is the most honest person in Hollywood, and possibly the most honest person in the whole world.

If he says a bitch is completely out of control, you can bet it is so.

This is the fact: Alec Baldwin doesn’t kill people. Diversity and inclusion kill people.

New York Post:

A furious Nicolas Cage stormed off the set of a film where Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was in charge of weapons — and ripped the rookie armorer for firing a gun without warning, crew members said in a new report.

The 24-year-old “Rust” armorer — in charge of guns when Alec Baldwin shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last Thursday — was repeatedly accused by crew members of breaking basic safety protocols on the Montana set of Cage’s “The Old Way” in August, they told the Wrap.

Cage even walked off set screaming at Gutierrez-Reed after she fired a gun without warning for the second time in three days, the movie’s key grip, Stu Brumbaugh, told the outlet.

“Make an announcement, you just blew my f—ing eardrums out!” Cage yelled before walking off in a rage, Brumbaugh recalled.

Brumbaugh even told the assistant director of the armorer, “She needs to be let go,” he recalled.

“After the second round, I was pissed off. We were moving too fast. She’s a rookie,” he said, saying that it was only after complaining that he found out it was the key crew member’s first movie in charge of weapons.

Brumbaugh detailed a series of complaints that were made about Gutierrez-Reed, including that she walked onto the set with live rounds or blanks without announcing it to the cast and crew.

She also walked around with pistols tucked under her armpits such that they were pointing back at people, and allowed firearms to be aimed at people, Brumbaugh told the Wrap.

Another crew member — who spoke on the condition of anonymity — confirmed the concerns.

Gutierrez-Reed “put the cast and crew in several unnecessary and dangerous situations,” the unidentified crew member told the Wrap.

You can’t just hire incompetent women for important jobs and expect that no one will die.

But I guess the general stance of the society now is: “it doesn’t matter if people die as long as we have women in control.”

From the way the media covers coronavirus, you’d think that “people not dying” was incredibly important to them. But that is a complete ruse.

This bitch was totally off the chain, and a disaster waiting to happen.

Posing for a picture:

Spotted by the media after the Alec Baldwin tragedy:

Also, she’s obese.