Vaccine Side Effects are Actually Just Coronavirus Symptoms, The Science Says

The vaccine is basically Jesus in a syringe.

It’s The Science in a syringe and The Science is the real Jesus.

Any effects you think are from the vax are actually from Satan, AKA the coronavirus.


Early Covid-19 symptoms mirror vaccine side effects, according to a recent study that warns people who suffer headaches, fatigue, or fever after being jabbed to assume they have been infected, get tested, and isolate themselves.

The findings, published last week in the eClinical Medicine journal, show there is no way to tell if the symptoms are from the disease or an adverse reaction to the shot unless a screening test is taken. Researchers at King’s College London have raised concerns that the recently vaccinated could be inadvertently spreading the virus, thinking their symptoms were from the jab.

According to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), more than one in 10 people can suffer minor adverse reactions to the vaccines – and the researchers found that 1% of the 362,770 people who reported symptoms in the week following the jab actually had Covid-19.

People read this stuff and think it’s real.

Lots of people.