Vaccine Push: WHO Tribe Says There’s No Evidence That Surviving Coronavirus Gives Immunity

Pictured: WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom

The WHO tribe, led by Chief Tedros Adhanom, is issuing a warning to everyone thinking that herd immunity could be a workaround to vaccinations: recovering from the virus is not guaranteed to result in immunity to it.

Daily Mail:

There is no evidence to support the belief that people who have recovered from coronavirus will not catch it again, the World Health Organisation has said.

WHO chiefs have warned world leaders against investing too heavily in the tests to show if a person has already had the virus, because they do not guarantee immunity.

The UK Government has bought 3.5million serology tests, measuring antibodies in blood plasma, but they are not definitive in proving if someone has had the virus.

Many tests being developed are pin prick blood checks similar to widely used instant HIV tests and measure raised levels of the antibodies the body uses to fight the virus.

It comes as a top health official said the coronavirus ‘immunity passports’ plan is doomed to fail after only 10 per cent of Italians developed Covid-19 antibodies.

Of course, the plan isn’t really doomed to fail.

As the Daily Stormer has already predicted, it is going to go through a redesign phase and then they’ll say that the “immunity passports” will be given to vaccinated people only.

These passports will be a requirement in order to work and have a social life.

Honestly, they will probably put it in your hand as a computer chip, and it will somehow be 666. Probably three rows of six numerals.

Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, it is obvious that these people are obsessed with satanic symbolism, and there is underlying satanism in all of this.

And a study by scientists at Stanford University in the US found as much as 4 per cent of California’s population may have already been infected with the virus.

Meanwhile Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche said it has developed an antibody test that it hopes to roll out in May to detect people previously infected with COVID-19, even those who displayed no symptoms.

What the media fails to mention is the obvious implication of having large portions of the population already infected: the virus is less deadly than initially thought.

The more people have it without streets getting flooded with corpses, the less scary the virus is.

Besides, data from Iceland shows that half of the infected show no symptoms at all, let alone symptoms worthy of a hospital visit.

Britain and many countries had hoped antibody tests would allow those who can prove they have had the virus – and therefore thought to be immune – to return to work and stabilise the economy.

But Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergencies programme, said there was limited evidence that coronavirus survivors were guaranteed future immunity to the disease.

This means those who have already had the virus could be at risk of being reinfected.

He added: ‘Nobody is sure whether someone with antibodies is fully protected against having the disease or being exposed again.

‘Plus some of the tests have issues with sensitivity – they may give a false negative result.’

What this means is that lifting the lockdowns will mean that everyone could get infected again no matter how many “controlled” infections happened during the lockdown.

Which, in turn, means that you won’t be allowed to leave your house until you’re vaccinated.