Vaccination Occupation Government Bans Anti-Vaxxer Content on Instagram

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2019

It seems like I can’t go a single day without writing about Alex Jones being banned again in a ritual known as “The Banning of the Jones” or someone else getting in trouble with Big Tech.

This time, it’s the anti-vaxxers… again.

Behind PUAs, pro-life people and neon-Nazis, these guys are the most banned people ever.


Instagram says it will block hashtags being used to spread “verifiably false” information about vaccinations.

The social network already blocks hashtags that are themselves false claims, such as #vaccinescauseautism.

This isn’t even a false claim anymore, it’s a meme.

Every kid knows that if they get stuck up with those needles, they’re going to become autistic, which means they’re going to become red-pilled, which means they’re going to become neon-Nazis.

This is the true Alt-Right pipeline.

Vaccines===>Autism===>6 million in 6 years???===>Right Wing Death Squads

I often refer to this unintended positive side-effect of autism as the Deus Ex Vaccina effect.

It says it will now block more general hashtags that are being used to spread lies by so-called anti-vaxxers.

However, several anti-vaccine topics and accounts spreading misinformation and hoaxes are still active on Instagram.

In Clown World, you can accurately evaluate the veracity of any claim based on how hard the Jews come after people who repeat it.

It is a blessing in disguise to be sure.

In February, YouTube stopped serving ads to lots of popular channels that promote anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

It took the step following protests from firms who discovered their adverts were running alongside the controversial videos.

The World Health Organization said anti-vaccine views were a “top 10 global health threat” in 2019.

Sadly, I think that the multiculturalism agenda might be tied at the hip with this vaccine thing.

The only way that you can get all these Third World people with medieval diseases living with soon-to-be Third World people that haven’t been exposed to such diseases in centuries is to vaccinate everybody.

As far as explanations go for the bizarre anti-vax censorship crackdown, this might be the simplest and most correct one – at least from the perspective of the people doing the censoring.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to make a hard prediction about the future of censorship. I believe that the other VOG (Vegan not Vaccine) is gaining a lot of ground, and will soon push to censor anti-vegan content that exposes them for the cult of cannibalistic ghouls that they are.

They will then push to ban all pro-meat related content on the interwebs. This is happening on a correlated and logarithmic time-scale with the emergence of the Deep Soy State and the rapidly approaching day when Soy becomes Sentient.

Both VOGs are sinister and out of control and need to be stopped.

Vaccines and veganism are joined at the hip as well… I’m just not sure how yet.