Vaccinated People Report Coins, Magnets, Forks Sticking to Their Skin

More and more people on social media are reporting magnets sticking to the place where they got vaccinated.

Is it all a hoax?

Who knows. Seems like a hoax.

But there are really a lot of people making this claim – so it would have to be an organized hoax.

By who?

People trying to make anti-vaxxers look insane?

It’s possible.

But what do the people debunking this have to say about the apparently very organized nature of the hoax?

Infowars is doubling down on vaxx magnetism. Vaxxnetism.

Here’s a related video – some guy talking about vaxx magnetics in 1995.

Whatever – who the hell knows.

We don’t have anything to say about this, other than that it is going on.

If you don’t get the vaxx, you don’t have to worry about becoming magnetic.

Of course, you might have to worry if this magnetism is related to some kind of… neural net control grid…

Because of course, if they’re using the vaxx to control people’s minds, they will send people to kill you for not taking the vaxx.