Utah Teacher Fired for Showing Children Classic Art

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2017

Virtually all classical churches have some form of frontal nudity featured in them. Which is… kind of a weird thought. Really shows how far the Protestants went with that Puritanism stuff. 


It is the law in America that you have to teach children about man-on-man anal sex.

But classic art?


Fox News:

A Utah teacher was fired earlier this month following complaints made against him after he showed images of classical paintings containing nudity in a classroom seen by fifth and sixth-graders.

Mateo Rueda, a former art teacher at Lincoln Elementary in Hyrum, Utah, said he planned to appeal his termination to clear his reputation, FOX13 reported.

The teacher said he was not aware that a set of educational postcards from the school’s library contained a few works depicting nudity when he handed them out during a lesson.

The two images seen by students were the Impressionist-era portrait “Iris Tree” by Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani and the Rococo-style partial nude “Odalisque” by 18th-century artist Francois Boucher, the teacher said.

Ugh, Modigliani.

And Odalisque is arguably cuck porn.

So maybe he did deserve to be fired…

Rueda told FOX13 he was “surprised about those images being there.” He said he went through the educational postcards and took out the ones he felt were inappropriate for the students.

Bella Jensen, a fifth grader who was a student of Rueda’s, said he told her their lesson on Dec. 4 may make the class feel uncomfortable.

“Mr. Mateo explained to us that there might be some pictures that we’ll find uncomfortable,” Jensen told FOX13. She said her friends laughed at some of the paintings but enjoyed the project.

“There were some pictures that were a little weird, and most kids were laughing,” she said.

However, some students felt the images were inappropriate.

“Children were expressing their discomfort and then explaining that they felt it was inappropriate,” Rueda said.

I’m not sure if this is appropriate or inappropriate.

I can see both sides of the argument.

But the fact remains: we are teaching children about some very sick things. So to make an issue out of this is to me completely insane.