Utah State Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Decriminalize Polygamy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 20, 2020


Basically, it is just insane to have a situation where you have so-called “anal marriage” and yet the federal government is telling the Mormons they can’t do what they’ve been doing for 200 years.

The US federal government has zero moral authority. This is in fact the most corrupt and satanic entity that has ever existed in all of human history.

At least the Mormons have the moral authority of a religion, whether you believe in it or not.

Also, whether you agree with Mormonism or not, they are a part of traditional America and should be put before analists.

New York Post:

Utah’s state Senate voted unanimously to decriminalize polygamy, hoping to make it an infraction on par with a parking ticket.

The bill swiftly cleared the Republican-controlled Senate in the predominantly Mormon state with a vote of 29-0 with little discussion on Tuesday. It now moves to the Utah House of Representatives, where it is likely to face greater resistance.

Polygamy is currently classified as a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. If the Senate bill becomes law, punishments would be limited to fines of up to $750 and community service.

However, fraudulent bigamy — in which an individual obtains licenses to marry more than one spouse without their knowledge, or seeks to wed someone underage without her consent — would remain a felony.

Polygamists with Utah ties range include Warren Jeffs, who was convicted of sexually assaulting girls he considered wives.

Bullshit he “considered” them his wives.

What were they if not his wives?

The federal government is allowed to say that gays can be married!

The Mormons have a church and draw from an ancient tradition of polygamy, which unlike so-called “anal marriage” is actually a real thing, even if you don’t agree with it.

Anal marriage on the other hand is a fake thing invented by the federal government to help homosexuals molest little boys.

Warren Jeffs is a hero. And the anal government sent him to prison for life for the crime of being a wholesome family man.