Utah: Hundreds Protest Mask Laws – We Need More of This! Stand Up for Freedom!

The media is using polls to claim that masks are super-popular.

I’m having a hard time believing these polls aren’t a hoax.

St. George News:

Hundreds of Southern Utah residents attended a rally in front of the Washington County School District offices Friday morning to protest Gov. Gary Herbert’s mandatory mask mandate for schools.

Organized by the recently founded Liberty Action Coalition, the “End the Mask Mandate Rally” was put together and advertised online about two weeks ago, coalition chair Patricia Kent said.

The coalition was formed about a month ago and, Kent said, it already has well over 1,000 members.

The morning drew a large crowd of people who came to protest children wearing masks in school, something Kent said she believes is a violation of constitutional liberties and a person’s right to choose what to do with their own health and body.

“People are waking up. They’re tired of the government thinking that they’re in charge,” Kent said. “We are the government. The Constitution gives us that right. It gives us the right to elect officials to do our bidding, and they’re not doing our bidding.”

Kent said it is now their turn to step up and act as the government until elected officials, including the governor, start to listen.

“Until then, we don’t have to listen to them. We have a constitutional right to take care of our own bodies and our own lives,” she added.

Speaking to the crowd of attendees – many bearing signs reading “my body, my choice” and “end the tyranny” – Kent said the Constitution does not give governors the right to make laws, and that a mandate, such as wearing masks in school, is not law.

“A school district and a school board does not have the power to make law,” Kent added.

Additionally, Kent, speaking over a megaphone, told the crowd that a health department – which is not a lawmaking entity either, she said – does not have the right to tell people what they can or cannot do with their body.

To that end, rally attendee Dustin Cox, who also spoke over the megaphone, encouraged district students in attendance Friday to not wear a mask when they return to school Monday, even if it means getting expelled.

“I was encouraging all of the students to not wear masks at all and encouraging them to meet with their principals if that’s what it takes, and to get expelled from school,” Cox said about his speech at the rally.

“If we can get more of those numbers and more of those rebellious students against their violation of freedom then it will be much more likely to have success,” he added.

Cox said the rally was nice and all the speeches and personal stories told were nice, but now is the time for action.

“I’m going to go in and talk to all of my kids’ principals and show them the law that is written, it’s Utah law, and say ‘My kids will no longer wear masks, and if you want a lawsuit, I’ll give it to you,’” Cox said.

While the rally was ostensibly about the mask mandate, with many parents and students carrying signs asking not to be “muzzled,” the overarching theme of those in attendance was what they felt was a fight for their freedom.

Speaking at the rally, Southern Utah business owner Adam Stuart said it wasn’t a mask battle but a freedom battle.

Like Cox, Stuart encouraged those in attendance to stand up for their values and get uncomfortable.

“Get uncomfortable. Be peaceful, but get uncomfortable,” Stuart said. “We better stand up in a way that conservatives can be proud of.”

We’re going to be uncomfortable either way. It’s a question of whether we make ourselves uncomfortable by fighting back or we allow the brutal government to make us uncomfortable with their lunatic mandates.

It is good to see some people fighting back.

The rally was full:

According to the lunatic theories of the lying Jewish media, all these people are going to die for not wearing masks and not social distancing.

But they won’t.

And the media won’t comment on the fact that they all didn’t die. They will just keep on promoting this hoax.

I wish that Donald Trump didn’t have his hands tied with trying to cater to believers and could just come out and say that the whole thing is a hoax, the numbers are fake, the media is lying.

He suggests it sometimes in comments, continually pointing to the fact that half of the people who have allegedly died have been in the nursing home. But he won’t just say the thing: it’s fake. There is no pandemic. The numbers are a lie. It’s the flu and sometimes people die of the flu but that is not a crisis.

If he manages to win this election, he can probably say it.

Until then, we need more protests.