Utah: Government Employees Paid to Fly to Mexico to Buy Prescription Drugs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

Mexican El Dentisto is just as good as your dentist.

The whole “healthcare crisis” in the US is mostly just due to a conspiracy by drug companies.

These companies lobby the government to allow them to gouge people on the cost of drugs.

The problem of healthcare is simply another failure of democracy, the most corrupt and brutal system of government ever invented.


Ann Lovell had never owned a passport before last year. Now, the 62-year-old teacher is a frequent flier, traveling every few months to Tijuana, Mexico, to buy medication for rheumatoid arthritis — with tickets paid for by the state of Utah’s public insurer.

Lovell is one of about 10 state workers participating in a year-old program to lower prescription drug costs by having public employees buy their medication in Mexico at a steep discount compared to U.S. prices. The program appears to be the first of its kind, and is a dramatic example of steps states are taking to alleviate the high cost of prescription drugs.

In one long, exhausting day, Lovell flies from Salt Lake City to San Diego. There, an escort picks her up and takes her across the border to a Tijuana hospital, where she gets a refill on her prescription. After that, she’s shuttled back to the airport and heads home.

Lovell had been paying $450 in co-pays every few months for her medication, though she said it would have increased to some $2,400 if she had not started traveling to Mexico. Without the program, she would not be able to afford the medicine she needs.

If our healthcare was as cheap as healthcare in a third world country, not only would there be no issue in allowing the government to pay for it, no one would be demanding that the government pay for it in the first place.

And before someone says “yeah but the healthcare in the US is better than the healthcare in the third world.” It actually isn’t really.

Firstly, the drugs are literally the exact same drugs. The only reason they cost 10-20 times more in the US is that the US is totally corrupt and the politicians are all paid off by the drug companies to get the permission to abuse the population.

Furthermore, most of these medical procedures are simple and there is a class of people in the third world that can do them. Sure, I would rather get brain surgery in the US than in Mexico, but how many people get brain surgery?

I would be just as happy getting dental work or getting stitched up after an accident (that didn’t involve a brain injury) in any third world country, and paying for the procedure with cash rather than getting a five-figure bill mailed to me.

And this is all outside of my first assertion, which is that the overwhelming majority of health problems in America are due to a poor diet and obesity, and that these problems would be quickly and easily solved if the government regulated the food industry. Of course, the government won’t regulate the food industry because the government is paid not to do that.

Because that’s democracy, folks: the most absurdly corrupt system of government ever invented.

This whole situation is simply retarded. It is a manufactured crisis.