Utah: AG Shuts Down Anti-Child Trafficking Rally Because QAnon

The fact that QAnon has driven the government and media into openly supporting pedophile child trafficking is fascinating to me.

They should be aware of what a great accomplishment this is, actually. The government and media are forced to bare their teeth.


The Utah Attorney General’s office abruptly pulled the plug on an anti-child trafficking rally after it came to light that organizers of one of the groups involved are sympathetic to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The “Freedom for the Children” rally was one of several planned in dozens of cities across the U.S. and worldwide under the banner of ending child trafficking.The event was heavily promoted by the Utah Attorney General’s office on their social media channels.

An investigation by NBC News found that many of the organizers of these events were believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, and the Saturday demonstrations were heavily promoted by QAnon supporters.

QAnon is a right-wing conspiracy theory that posits in part that there is a secret cabal of cannibal pedophiles in the highest levels of the American government who are engaged in child sex trafficking.

Local organizers of Saturday’s rally, with the help of the AG’s office, were partnering with the Arizona-based “Freedom for the Children” organization to put on the event. After questions about the legitimacy of that group were raised with the AG’s office by UtahPolicy.com, organizers decided to nix the rally.

The AG’s office was also partnering with legitimate anti-child sex trafficking groups on the event, including the Three Strands Global Foundation.

So even with what they admit are “legitimate” child defense groups, the event is being shut down.

It seems to me that the government and the media that supports it simply have an issue with people opposing child abuse.

I wonder why?

Maybe this 1992 documentary has some answers.

The Utah decision to ban an event against child trafficking comes after the CNN Jew told Vice President Mike Pence that it is anti-American to be against satanic pedophilia.

Say what you want about QAnon. I think a lot of it is silly, and much of it has proved to be completely wrong, but if these people want to do activism against child trafficking, that should be their right in the United States of America.

But apparently, that isn’t the case. If the media decides you’re bad, you no longer have the right to try to help children.