Usual Suspect Arrested for Swastika Graffiti

Every single time, these graffiti hate crimes are a hoax.

This black Nazi hoaxer is half something, and I believe it is most likely that he is half Jew.


Providence Police have identified the man they say spray-painted swastikas on gravestones at Providence College on Monday night.

According to police, Keveon Gomera, 26, was charged with vandalism and assault with intent to commit a felony.

Police say Gomera spray-painted swastikas, defaced multiple gravestones, then attempted to set a grass area on fire at the Dominican Cemetery on campus. According to a spokesperson for Providence College, the central cross and seven headstones were defaced. Providence College has repaired the damage.

You won’t ever hear anything else about this.

If they had actually found a white man spraying swastikas, you’d be hearing about it for three news cycles and the Jews would be demanding Donald Trump make a statement about how he is against the Nazis and Hitler.

This is a hate hoax. They won’t admit that, they’ll say a black man spraying hate graffiti is mentally ill just like they said that Jew who made all those prank bomb calls was mentally ill. But the truth is that these people pretend that there is hate that doesn’t exist.

This is all Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace nonsense.

There literally are no Nazis and no racists. The only group that exists is Atomwaffen and its various alternative names, and it’s totally controlled by the feds. The Guardian caught the leader of it, who is a “former” CIA agent with an active CAGE code. Atomwaffen feds and CIA spooks get anti-social teenage retards to join a fed-Nazi hoax group, but they still can’t hardly get them to do anything.

“Racism” by the definition that is given DOES NOT EXIST. It simply is not a real thing. No one is going around hating skin colors and trying to hurt people because they dislike the color. That is stupid, confusing and bizarre. It’s a HOAX.

The kind of “racism” that does exist is that a lot of people don’t want to be around black people because they act like absolute animals.

Why would ANYONE want to live around people who act like this???

Just watch them burn everything, tear down our statues and everything else, and ask why anyone would tolerate people that act like this living in their country? It simply doesn’t make sense why anyone would not want to get these savages the hell out.

But that “hate” is based purely on their behavior. It is not some intrinsic hatred “for the color of the skin.” That doesn’t exist. Nor does any desire to commit acts of sadism against them. People just want these blacks and all of the rest of these strangers to peacefully get the hell out of OUR HOME and leave us alone!

That’s all!

That’s what the real racism is: wanting to be left alone.

The rest of this stuff they talk about is all just a hoax to obfuscate the fact that what “racism” actually is is simply a critique of the behavior of nonwhites, which, on average, is almost cartoonishly anti-social.

The fact that their most anti-social behavior yet is a response to the hoax that there are a bunch of white people trying to kill them because they hate their skin color really demonstrates how insane this situation truly is.

We have to get these people out. We can give them money, we can give them land, we can do whatever we have to do, but we simply cannot continue to live with them. That is no longer an option.