Useless Lockdown: Face Masks Decrease Coronavirus Transmission Rate by 75%

Assuming you are dumb enough to want to try to avoid herd immunity, we already know what works and what doesn’t. The data exists. But these people that run governments and media continue to claim to be putting “science over data.”

The only things proven to be worth doing to curb the spread of coronavirus so far are:

  • Closing schools
  • Banning mass gatherings (concerts and festivals specifically, where people are very close together)
  • Wearing face masks

The house arrest stuff, not meeting with friends, avoiding human interaction, and all of that stuff has a negligible effect on the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, so on top of pretending that the virus is dangerous, the government is pretending that all of these insane prisoner lifestyle measures that they’re pushing are needed — while, in fact, they’re mostly useless.

Daily Mail:

More evidence face masks help curb the spread of the coronavirus has emerged after a study found it reduced infection by up to 75 per cent.

Researchers in Hong Kong studied transmission of the virus between hamsters, with half infected with COVID-19 and the other being healthy.

They analysed various scenarios in which the hamsters cages were either cloaked with face mask material or not.

Although it’s completely different to how humans interact, the researchers said it showed ‘very clearly’ that covering the nose and mouth is hugely effective to mitigate spread.

The study was released by the department of microbiology at the University of Hong Kong but has not been peer-reviewed or published in a journal yet.

It involved two groups of hamsters – one were infected with COVID-19, some of which were not displaying symptoms, and the other were perfectly healthy.

A fan was placed between the cages to allow for the transmission of respiratory droplets from the infected hamsters’ cage to the other.

When there was no face mask coverings on the cages, two-thirds of the healthy hamsters caught the coronavirus within a week.

In the scenario in which mask barriers were placed only on cages with the infected hamsters, the transmission rate dropped by 75 per cent.

Just over 15 per cent of the healthy hamsters got sick compared to 66 per cent before.

In the scenario where healthy hamsters were shielded with a masked barrier, 33 per cent were infected, showing it was only half as effective.

The researchers added that the hamsters who were infected even with the mask barrier had less of the virus in their bodies when compared to those infected without the masks.

‘The findings implied to the world and the public is that the effectiveness of mask-wearing against the coronavirus pandemic is huge,’ lead author and coronavirus expert Dr Yuen Kwok-yung told a news briefing, according to Sky News.

In our hamster experiment, it shows very clearly that if infected hamsters or humans -especially asymptomatic or symptomatic ones – put on masks, they actually protect other people.

That’s the strongest result we showed here. Transmission can be reduced by 50 percent when surgical masks are used, especially when masks are worn by infected individuals.’

When the initial crisis happened, the logical thing to do would have been to tell people to wear masks. Since everyone is safe in the open air either way, you wouldn’t have had to have passed an insane and invasive mask law, you could have just said that people have to wear them inside of public buildings. That would have been as much protection for the public as you are likely to ever get from any virus, and people would have been allowed to keep their rights and their jobs.

This is exactly what was done in South Korea and China, two countries that have now largely eliminated the virus without ever having to destroy everyone’s freedoms and jobs. None of this anti-social distancing lunacy.

It is only the West that implemented this insanity – ironically, alleging that it is based on Asian neurosis. Asians are neurotic and obsessed with hygiene and germs, but they aren’t stupid. They understand that economies exist and that in order to keep people from rising up you have to allow them a certain amount of personal freedom and basic bodily autonomy.

Americans were initially told not to wear masks, for reasons that still remain unclear, as we were also forced to lock ourselves in our houses as the government collapsed the economy.

So even if you believe that safety from a virus matters more than jobs, freedom and basic human dignity, what is going on in the West simply does not make any sense.

The only explanation for this is a secret agenda that has nothing at all to do with public health.