Useful Idiots Plan Nationwide Protests in Support of “Net Neutrality”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2017

Google is afraid that Donald Trump is trying to clog their tubes!

Donald Trump’s Federal Communications Commission has announced that they are rolling back net neutrality rules. Theoretically net neutrality sounds like a good thing, but in reality these rules have done nothing to preserve an open Internet.

Despite all of that, a group of useful idiots are planning nationwide protests to keep net neutrality rules in place.

Ars Technica:

The Obama administration’s network neutrality rules are in danger, and the activists who helped get those regulations enacted aren’t giving up without a fight. They’re planning a series of protests nationwide to pressure the Federal Communications Commission to reject Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back network neutrality protections.

The protests will be held outside Verizon stores on December 7, a week before an expected December 14 vote on Pai’s proposal. They chose Verizon because Verizon has been a leading opponent of the net neutrality rules and because Pai worked as Verizon’s associate general counsel from 2001 to 2003.

“The company has been spending millions on lobbying and lawsuits to kill net neutrality so they can gouge us all for more money,” the protest organizers write. “We’re calling on our lawmakers to do their job overseeing the FCC and speak out against Ajit Pai’s plan to gut Title II net neutrality protections.”

These protests are ridiculous. All of the big Silicon Valley tech companies are 100 percent supportive of net neutrality. They’ve actually been the biggest beneficiaries of this policy because it ensures that Internet service providers can’t charge differently based on the traffic type. This means a provider like Verizon or Comcast can’t tell Facebook, Google or Netflix that they’re going to charge them more because of the traffic they push.

This has nothing to do with freedom on the Internet. The same companies that have been at the forefront of stifling political speech on the Internet are the biggest supporters of net neutrality. This tells us that these companies aren’t supporting net neutrality because of some noble and just reason. They just don’t want to get charged more for Internet services.

If all these net neutrality lovers were legitimately in favor of a free Internet, they would be protesting outside the headquarters of Facebook, Google, Twitter among others. Facebook has literal armies of thought police monitoring what people say on it. Google hijacked the Daily Stormer’s domain name because they disliked our political speech. Twitter has banned almost everybody who has a political point of view to the right of Karl Marx. These companies actively support policies against an open Internet.

Even the Dallas Morning News has published an op-ed citing the Daily Stormer’s blacklisting from the Internet to show  how net neutrality enforcement has not preserved a free Internet. Even though the article falsely claims that we are mean people, the article is on point and supportive of our right to free speech on the Internet.

Dallas Morning News:

Consider what happened to the Daily Stormer, the neo-Nazi publication, after Charlottesville. One by one, hosting companies refused to permit its content on their servers. The group was forced to effectively flee the country, and then other countries, too, shut it down.

Now of course, these are not nice people. Their website espoused vile hate. But the fact remains that what they were publishing was not illegal, merely immoral, and their immoral speech was effectively shut down by a small number of private companies who decided to exercise their considerable control over what we’re allowed to read. And what is to stop them from expanding this decision to other categories, forcing the rest of us to conform to Silicon Valley’s idea of what it is moral and right for us to see?

It’s also worth noting that net neutrality has only been in place since 2015. There was actually more freedom on the Internet before net neutrality rules were enforced. It’s just another government regulation that discourages new companies from entering the service provider space. Rolling back net neutrality rules does not mean your favorite website is going to get blocked. This is just propaganda coming from these Silicon Valley companies because they stand to lose if these rules are rolled back.

Maybe if companies like Facebook and Google actually embraced free political speech we could take their stance seriously. They do not embrace free political speech and therefore their support of net neutrality because of Internet freedom concerns is comical if not patently absurd.

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