US: White Minority in the Next Generation?

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
March 29, 2014

This... this is regrettable.
This… this is regrettable.

For the first time in the history of the United States, the next generation will be minority White or very close to being so, according to Pew Research.

This is a generation [1979-1995] that is 41% non-White; the [next generation] is likely to be close to 50% if not more than 50% non-White” said Michael Dimock, Pew Research Vice President.

Dimock agrees that demographics is indeed destiny, “the anti-government kind of tone is one that really doesn’t resonate with that non-White sector” he said, advising the GOP to “take as much of the anti-government rhetoric out.

This is obvious to any group except White people. After all, why would non-Whites vote for any party that wants to close the borders, tighten them, or deport illegal immigrants – all that delays or stops non-Whites from becoming the majority. All non-Whites want to have a country like the United States, or any rich White country – they just don’t want White people in them.

If a rich country opens its borders it will be full of the people who made their own countries unpleasant places to live. Again, this is obvious human behavior, but it is not the point here.

The point is that someone opened the borders of every White country without there being any kind of vote for or against it. Then, White people all over the world were prevented from creating White reservations, the same style reservations that preserve American Indians so they exist in the future.

Denying a group a homeland specifically for themselves is a method of genocide. It is largely non-violent, but genocide is not about violence, or murder – it is about force – it is about forcing conditions on a group that is intended to destroy or reduce that group, that is the legal definition of genocide.

So when the United States has its borders forced open, when it has all White communities flooded with non-Whites, and when White people are not allowed a tiny patch of land to preserve ourselves – that is a very clear example of genocide.