US Warns UK Not to Leave EU

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2015

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Many are confused as to why the UK wants to stay in the EU when they appear to get absolutely zero benefit from being in it.

Well, here’s your answer: American Jews told them to.

The Guardian:

The United States is not keen on pursuing a separate free trade deal with Britain if it leaves the European Union, the US trade representative, Michael Froman, said – the first public comments from a senior US official on the matter.

Voters are due to decide by the end of 2017 whether the UK should remain in the EU, and opinion polls show rising support for leaving the bloc.

Froman’s comments on Wednesday undermine a key economic argument deployed by proponents of exit, who say Britain would prosper on its own and be able to secure bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) with trading partners.

The US is Britain’s biggest export market after the EU, buying more than $54bn (£35bn) in goods from the UK in 2014.

I think it’s absolutely clear that Britain has a greater voice at the trade table being part of the EU, being part of a larger economic entity,” Froman told Reuters, adding that EU membership gives Britain more leverage in negotiations.

Yes, of course Michael Froman is Jew.

Michael Froman, Assistant to the President  and Dep. National Security Advisor for Int'l Economics, in his office at the EEOB, in Washington, May 1, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
Michael Froman

See Daily Stormer Rule #1.

“We’re not particularly in the market for FTAs with individual countries. We’re building platforms … that other countries can join over time.”

If Britain left the EU, Froman said, it would face the same tariffs and trade barriers as other countries outside the US free trade network.

Because the UK alone would not be able to pass these insane free trade treaties. That sort of madness only flies in Brussels.