US Using Israel’s Iron Dome to Protect Guam from China

The key takeaway here is that the US paid for the Jews to develop a better missile defense technology than the US has.


The US has been reportedly testing the Israeli-made Iron Dome air defense system on the Pacific island of Guam, which hosts the closest American military bases to China.

The ongoing tests in Guam are scheduled to continue until December, the Wall Street Journal has reported, without expanding on how successful they’ve been.

The Iron Dome system has been in service in Israel for a decade now, destroying thousands of makeshift projectiles fired by Hamas militants at the territory of the Jewish state.

Designed to intercept short-range rockets, artillery shells and drones, the all-weather air defense system won’t be much use against the hypersonic warhead recently tested by China.

But its deployment in Guam comes as part of a larger effort by the Pentagon to boost defenses on the island amid tensions with China over Taiwan and China’s growing influence in the Pacific region overall.

We’re gonna see pretty soon how well this China war goes.

Personally, I’m betting on the Chinese.

Like, literally.

I bet $0.05 BTC on China winning the war on a gambling site I’m not gonna link to until they give me an affiliate deal.

As far as being ruled by China for eternity, I can only say this about China:

Well, I don’t hardly know her.

But I think I could love her.

As far as right-wingers continuing to post anti-China materials, just ask yourself this: is there anything else that it is okay to agree with the State Department about?

You don’t think that maybe if you find yourself emphatically agreeing with the State Department about the threat of a group of fag-bashing, anti-feminist, ethnically nationalist anti-Semites, that it isn’t maybe time to reconsider your positions?