US Training ISIS in Philippines to Invade Malaysia in the Event of a War with China?

Sulu is a hardcore Islamic area in the Philippines, which should really be a part of Malaysia or Indonesia.

It’s a handful of islands which are entirely Islamic, and share sea borders with both Malaysia and Indonesia.

The media obviously can’t say it, but the Philippines is a big chain of islands, and if the plane spontaneously explodes over Moslem territory, I’m going to assume it’s Moslems.


A Philippines military plane has crashed in Sulu province. So far, 40 people have been rescued, and 17 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage.

Philippines military chief Cirilito Sobejana confirmed that a C-130 transport plane had crashed in Jolo, the province’s capital. The plane, which was transporting troops at the time of the accident, missed the runway while landing and crashed into a nearby village, Sobejana explained. Reports citing the military said that at least 85 passengers were aboard the aircraft.

At least 40 people have been rescued so far, while the current death toll stands at 17. Military and civilian firefighters are currently working to put out a fire that has reportedly engulfed much of the aircraft.

Yeah, it’s a pretty serious mess.

The hilarious thing about this is: these people in Sulu are ISIS. The reason they are ISIS is because the United States military is allowed to operate there with impunity, due to treaties that have existed since the “independence” of the Philippines, which was formerly an American colony (Spain surrendered it to the US after losing the Spanish-American war).

It is truly amazing that anyone reporting on geopolitics is able to somehow not notice that everywhere there are:

  • Moslems, and
  • US military

You end up with hardcore ISIS terrorists.

ISIS is literally an American brand and franchise system on par with McDonald’s or Starbucks.

In the scheme of geopolitics, it looks like the US is training these ISIS terrorists to invade Malaysia and/or Indonesia in the event of a war with China. Sulu people speak Malay, so they could invade and start spreading the ideology and recruiting pretty easy. Borneo, the very large island just below Sulu, which is both Indonesian and Malaysian, is very poor, mostly a clear-cut former jungle where people farm various crops for export. It would be easy to raise a terrorist army there.

Anyway – very obvious plan from the CIA, yet again. Philippines always had Islamics, who of course were always blowing things up now and again, but it was all just domestic land and sovereignty-related issues, most of which had been solved through “semi autonomy” treaties. Then all of a sudden, as if by magic, they started flying the ISIS flag and spewing all this rhetoric – in the areas with US peacekeepers/advisors.

This is another one of those moronic things, where it is so obviously a hoax, and yet no mainstream media will admit it so no one talks about it. All the old and stuff is worthless now, so they’re not doing big reports on the issue, so no one thinks about it.

Instead you just get garbage from the mainstream media, mostly based on half-assed nonsense from “SITE intelligence,” which is literally run by an Israeli Jew, Rita Katz, and hilariously also “tracks” “white supremacists.” Just type “ISIS Philippines” and you’ll get nothing but Jewish think tanks saying “oy vey, goyim, no one knows the origin of this problem.”

To be clear: maybe it is some kind of inexplicable coincidence that ISIS all of a sudden popped up in an area of the Philippines that is occupied by the US military and filled with intelligence operatives (this is where the Vegas shooter worked as a private military contractor). No one knows, because there is no actual research into it, and because that is the nature of intelligence operations.

I don’t believe it is a coincidence. We obviously have hardcore evidence about the CIA funding of ISIS in Syria from various media reports and more importantly, congressional testimony from the military and associated researchers.

Regardless of why there is ISIS in Sulu, it can be taken as a fact that ISIS shot down this military plane.

It’s such a shame that Philippine President Rody Duterte turned out to be such a fag. He was going in and just slaughtering these Moslems. He made public statements like “if civilians die, maybe they should have changed their religion.”

The Jew media was whining about him killing innocent ISIS terrorists.

You notice they don’t whine about anything in the Philippines anymore, because the entire nation is now defined by the fact it is a total virus state.

It’s literally the same exact faggot “please stay home” bullshit as like, Australia.

And then all of the vaxx propaganda. Duterte said to leave the country or he’ll force vaxx you.

Yes, Asians are neurotic and prone to buying into this virus hoax, but Philippines has gone in harder than any third world country. It’s also one of the poorest, so people are definitely starving as a result.

I can tell you: a lot more people starved than died of the flu.

Point being: it’s no wonder he’s getting his planes shot down by US military backed ISIS terrorists now that he’s completely fagged out.