US to Make More Than a BILLION Vaccines a Year to Vax Americans Forever!

If you thought they were going to stop vaxing you… it looks like you were wrong.

They’re planning on vaxing, vaxing, and vax-vax-vaxing you all the way out.

If you took one vax, you’re committed to taking them forever.

The Guardian:

The Biden administration is planning to dedicate billions of dollars to build up vaccine manufacturing in the US to produce at least a billion doses each year, in an effort to shore up global Covid-19 supply for poorer countries while also pre-empting future pandemics.

As part of a public-private partnership, the government will draw on knowledge from companies that already use mRNA technology to make vaccines. Its ambitious goal is to get to a point where the US can produce at least a billion doses each year starting around mid-2022, according to the New York Times, which first reported the news.

“This is about assuring expanded capacity against Covid variants and also preparing for the next pandemic,” David Kessler, who leads vaccine distribution for the White House, told the Times.

The goal, in the case of a future pandemic, a future virus, is to have vaccine capability within six to nine months of identification of that pandemic pathogen, and to have enough vaccines for all Americans.”

A billion vaccines could also boost availability around the world, fighting the stark inequities that have so far plagued Covid-19 vaccination campaigns.

This effort is specifically aimed at building US domestic capacity,” Kessler said. “But that capacity is important not only for the US supply, but for global supply.”

I wonder how they know that there are going to be future pandemics???

How would they know that???

Like, we’ve got an endless series of pandemics coming, and they’ve already seen this future???


We told you this from the start – if this coronavirus hoax is going to end, it is only going to end because they replace it with a new fake pandemic. This is the new world order – endless virus hoaxes to control the goyim cattle!

I wonder what the masses think of this?

Do they like it?