US to Cut Military Welfare to Parasites in Ukraine, Elsewhere (Not Israel Though!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

Poroshenko, Jewish leader of Ukraine, brags on national television about his multiple identities and how he uses them for his various Jewish schemes.

A country with trillions in debt giving away free things to other countries is one of those things that is so unbelievable, the average person just can’t even manage to wrap their head around it.


The US will scrap many of its sizeable foreign military grants and replace them with loans, the White House’s top finance official has said. Ukraine, which received large shipments of American military equipment, is among the countries affected by the move.

“We do change a couple of the foreign military programs from direct grants to loans,” said Mick Mulvaney, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, as quoted by Reuters.

“Our argument was instead of … giving somebody $100 million, we could give them a smaller number worth of loan guarantees and they could actually buy more stuff.”

In the meantime, military aid to Israel and Egypt, two close Middle Eastern allies and the biggest recipients of US equipment, will remain in place, Mulvaney said.

Because of course.

After all, Israel is our greatest ally and the only democracy in the world.

Without them, the whole Middle East would be Moslem and that would mean that they wouldn’t have endless wars which would mean that we’d have to cut our military budget.

And that’s just plain bad for the economy.

Or, you know. Whatever.

And Israel can’t possibly pay for their own weapons and social welfare system. Not after… after… you know.

The lampshades.

Recently, President Donald Trump proposed that the US spend 29.1 percent, or $11.5 billion, less on the State Department and “other international programs” in the 2018 fiscal year compared to 2017. This includes military assistance programs, as it’s the State Department that decides which countries receive the funding.

According to the Congressional Research Service, US military assistance to partner and allied countries amounted to $13.5 billion in 2015, or 28 percent of all US foreign aid spending that year. Most military grants through the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) scheme went to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Also on Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that scrapping foreign military grants is likely to affect Pakistan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Colombia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Since the start of the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, Kiev has received several batches of US “non-lethal” military equipment, including radio equipment, surveillance gear and dozens of ageing Humvee armored vehicles. In addition, Washington maintains a program to train Ukrainian troops fighting armed militias in the breakaway region of Donbass.

Russia has consistently said that training and equipping Ukraine’s forces fuels hostilities in the east of the country, hampering the peace process.

The US has maintained that sending arms to Kiev is necessary to deter what it calls “Russian aggression” and defend Ukraine’s “territorial integrity.” Moscow denies claims of involvement in the lingering conflict.

I don’t know why Moscow denies it when the US doesn’t deny it.

The US has no moral authority to tell people they can’t have independence – even if we accept the idea that they have moral authority to be the world police, which is an insane thing to accept.

The US/NATO funded Albanian terrorists to steal Kosovo from Serbia. They’ve never apologized or said this was a mistake. On the contrary, every chance they get they talk about what a great thing it was.

Before that, the US/NATO played a substantial role in the breaking down and breaking up of the USSR. We still don’t even know the extent to which they were involved in that, but we know they were working with Russian Jews to completely dissolve the former Russian Empire.

The thing that I wish is that we could stop with this “humanitarian” bullshit. It’s just so fucking gay. If the US wants to steal land in the Ukraine from its inhabitants, or fund ISIS, or kill people anywhere else across the planet, they should say “we are doing this for the purpose of conquering and subduing our enemies.”

Then, you could at least respect it.

It is this “we are killing people because of human rights democracy” stuff that is so sickening.

At least one hippie bitch had a point one time. The reverse would be “bombing for conquest is like fucking for pregnancy.”