US Threatens Assad with Destruction if He Tries to Take Back Territory

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2018

What do normies make of all this?

And let’s assume that normies are capable of rational thought for a sec.

For years, the US denied being in Syria.

For years, they denied arming the rebels.

Everyone was just talking about how this was a spontaneous uprising of all the various disgruntled factions within Syria. ISIS? Well, sure they were an unfortunate development, but that was just more proof that we needed to support the other rebel groups.

And now it’s crystal-clear that there are American troops in Syria, and that they are arming various militia groups.

Did anyone even blink?


US troops are not leaving Syria and any attempt to remove them by force will be met with an armed response, a top Pentagon official said, reacting to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s RT interview.

“Any interested party in Syria should understand that attacking US forces or our coalition partners will be a bad policy,” Director of Joint Staff Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie said at the Pentagon press briefing on Thursday.

Over 2,000 US troops in Syria are embedded with the SDF in the northeast as well as in the enclave of At-Tanf in the south, along the Jordanian border. McKenzie said the US troops and their local militia allies were staying in Tanf, quashing rumors of their impending withdrawal.

“We are there. Nothing has changed,” he said. “The maintenance of that deconfliction zone is important and we would view very gravely any actions that tended to change that.” 

I guess I should explain why I’m so baffled by this cavalier new attitude.

Back when this whole Syria thing was just getting started, I was taking classes by this former Marine who was an attache to the American ambassador in Syria in the run-up to the rebellion.

This guy was smart – in a technical way – but also completely ideologically committed to the cause of ZOG. I remember failing a paper because I wrote about Turkey’s inevitable incursion into Syria, American funding of rebel groups and how the Free Syria Army didn’t actually exist on the ground. As part of my research, I remember speaking to a former jailed dissident of Assad who was then working for some regime-change NGO in the US. Even he readily admitted to me that the Qataris and Saudis were arming various terrorist groups in Syria like Al-Nusra and ISIS, while the Americans were helping funnel foreign fighters in and that weapons were flowing through Turkey, as was stolen oil – all of it going to Israel on the cheap.

So much shit went down in the early years of the war.

But people forget how it was considered “conspiracy theory” to point out that the rebellion in Syria was being funded by outside powers and that the same groups that the Americans had armed in Libya were all being smuggled into Syria to do the exact same thing that they had done to Ghadaffi.

You literally could not say these things in any “respectable” academic environment, and the press didn’t dare mention it either at the time.

It was frustrating, to say the least.

Meanwhile, the Russians were reporting the truth more or less at the time. And you had Abkhazian-based ANNA News, which had really good content from the frontlines with the SAA.

Also, you had Syria General up on the chans talking about what was really happening on the ground as well.

And of course, you had the entire dissident blogosphere talking about how fucked up the situation in Syria was. The entire spectrum of opinion that wasn’t the NYT or other ZOG-owned at the time was constantly telling a completely different narrative about Syria for years.

I made the mistake of repeating some of these…alternative viewpoints in an academic environment.

The jarhead gave me the lowest passing grade that he could and only after I redid my entire paper. His former IDF-girl TA deliberately made a big show of talking about one student who had failed the paper and needed to confront his internal biases and blah blah blah in front of the whole class of bugmen, Jews and Gulf Arabs.

Basically, anyone that didn’t believe the whole “People’s Rebellion” narrative was punished.

But now the US simply can’t hide the truth anymore.

American troops are in Syria. They are arming rebel groups and preventing Assad from defeating them. They have de facto annexed parts of Syria along with the Kurds, Turkey and Israel. This is illegal and in complete violation of international law.

And every single “conspiracy theory” peddled by the dastardly Russians and alternative media turned out to be true. 

Man, I wish I could talk to Professor Jarhead now and flap my paper in front of his nose, close enough to make his eyes water.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I’d say to him, while maintaining a firm handshake, steady eye-contact, and a reassuring, but iron-tight cupped hand on his ballsack.

“I was right, you nigger.”

^That’s pretty much what I’ve settled on.

I suppose I should thank the Jarhead and his kikess TA. Those two gave me a red-pill crash course that I will never forget going forward.

Hopefully, Assad, the Iranians, and the Russians teach ZOG a lesson is Syria as well.